September 01, 2016 Arizona USA Americas

Westside Lilo's: Seligman's Diner on Route 66, Arizona
Non-smokers friendly

A German family opened Lilo's a long time Agopian d still is serving family style food in the village of Seligman's the only one still alive on Route 66. 400 inhabitants and lots of tourists. Photos on the wall, a souvenir shop, animals hanged on the wall, a cottage house for hunters.


Breakfast specials, burgers, and sandwiches, the restaurant serves whatever any American diner does. Since the owner is German, they also have sausages and housemade sauerkraut. The specials to look for are Steve's Chorizo egg, Huevos Rancheros, Hearty Starter, Phil's Chubby, German Bratwurst, Lilo's open-faced sandwiches and desserts; they say, you can't come here without having the carrot cake and German strawberry torte.

Located on Historic Route 66 in Seligman, Arizona. Whether you’re traveling the entirety of the Historic Route 66 or simply passing through the area, take a rest and stop in for a bite to eat in the "Mother Town of the Mother Road" today and enjoy our wonderful atmosphere with your fellow travelers!

I tried the roast beef melt, the southern chicken sandwich, and the German bratwurst.


The roast beef sandwich is exceptionally delicious, simple slices of meat stuffed in a toasted buttered sandwich of square bread alongside a slice of melted white cheese. How simple and how high, juicy meat, crunchy bread, a gooey cheese... I just felt it needed some mustard. Roast beef and not dry!

Grilled chicken sandwich with a roasted bell pepper, mayonnaise, cheese and cocktail sauce. How great this is! As simple as it looks, nondry chicken, super tender bread, charcoal grilling taste, and enjoyment.


Sausage comes on a dry baguette, a premium quality I always enjoy around Europe served with a signature mustard and mashed potatoes... but the bread is disastrous. As is without the bread, bite into it and enjoy. Potatoes salad with pickles is enjoyable as well.

Homemade sauerkraut; good enough but have a bizarre smell. Fries are bad. 

Very good food indeed! Let's wait for desserts...






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