April 07, 2020

What are the Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurant Business

Digital technologies are shaping the restaurant industry. And as a business owner, you should do your best to keep up with technology trends and adapt your marketing strategy to the changes.

If you’re reading this article, it means you want to know whether the online ordering system is one of those “new things” that can benefit your small business. We are ready to answer all your questions on this topic and explain why the online ordering system is a must for your restaurant in 2020.

Reach more customers

Restaurants, who do not offer online ordering in 2020, lose over 70% of their customers. Here is why.

Generation Z and Millennials are overtaking Baby Boomers as the dominant consumers, and that is reshaping the restaurant industry. “Young generations use digital technology to navigate the world, and they hate phone calls. So don’t expect that they will call your restaurant to place orders or that they will agree to drive a few miles to get their take-out orders”, says Helene Cue, content marketing specialist for WowGrade.

Generation Z and Millennials do want to place orders online and to get food delivered right to their doors, and you can’t ignore this fact. To skyrocket your sales, give your customers what they want – a superior online ordering system that allows ordering food in a few clicks.

Encourage your customers to spend more

When using an online ordering system, customers do not feel the pressure to wrap up their orders. Since there is no line behind them, they can take their time to explore all menu options and add more items to the order.

Besides, when people see the menu, they are visually stimulated to order more food items that they wouldn’t normally order over the phone. It’s just human nature. When we are hungry, we tend to buy just about anything that appeals to us rather than choosing items that we do really need.

Statistics show that when customers order restaurant food online, they tend to spend more than if they food order food over the phone or in person. So if you want to boost your revenue, it’s time to choose an online ordering solution for your business.

Boost productivity of your staff

Some customers who call your restaurant to place an order do not know what exactly they want. They can ask you dozens of questions about each and every option in your menu and then order the cheapest burger.

“Undecided calling clients waste your time and kill your productivity. And you cannot leave it as it is. You should incorporate an online ordering system and stop accepting orders offline,” says Raquel Smith, a digital marketer and editor at Studicus and SupremeDissertations.

Some customer takes a long time to decide what they want to eat for dinner, and you can’t change it. But if you switch your focus from offline ordering to online ordering, you will get rid of the necessity to communicate with such clients. You will save your time and earn more money.

Avoid conflicts and misunderstandings

If you take phone orders for a long time, you know that phone conversations tend to cause misunderstandings. Usually, misunderstandings happen because of the noise in the restaurant or on the other end of the line, or bad mobile connection. The person who accepts orders simply doesn’t hear what exactly the customer is saying: “salad” or “salmon”, “cappuccino” or “mochaccino”.

When you use an online ordering solution, you can be sure that such misunderstandings will never happen. Placing orders online, the customer can double-check what he has added to the cart and make sure that his order will include what he actually wants.

Since the customer, not a restaurant’s employee will be responsible for placing the order, accuracy will increase. It means that you will have to throw away less food and that the number of unsatisfied clients and disputes will significantly decrease.

Accept new orders 24/7

Even if your restaurant operates just four hours a day, you can accept orders 24/7. Using an online ordering system, you can allow your customers to place new orders outside your business hours and schedule a preferred pickup or delivery time within your working time.

In this way, you will give online shoppers the flexibility they need. And they will reward your restaurant business with increased sales.

Collect more customer data

To boost your marketing efforts, you should get a clear understanding of who your customers are, what food they like, and how often they place new orders. You should analyze their purchasing behaviour in detail to find out what targeted promotions will work for your business.

To collect more data and get to know your customers better, you should use advanced online ordering solutions. It will help you to get access to analytical reports and statics that are necessary for developing an effective marketing strategy.

It means that you will not have to pay for the data you need. The provider of the online ordering system will provide you with essential information for free. It will allow you to cut your marketing expenses and promote your small business in a more effective way.

Do not pay commission to the third-party food ordering portals

Many restaurants partner with food delivery services like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub, because that allows them to get new clients fast and easily. But the problem is that restaurants have to pay commission to the third-party food ordering portal on every single sale.

Well, if you have just opened your restaurant and want to expose your brand to a wide audience, these platforms are a good solution for you. But if your goal is to cut into your already tight margins, you should consider other options.

You should integrate an online ordering system that will allow your customers to place their order with the restaurant directly. It will help you to obtain higher revenue per sale and increase your profit margins.


In conclusion

Online ordering is a good thing that can benefit your business a lot. So go ahead and choose the online ordering system for your restaurant today.

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