March 23, 2013

What Do You Think of Pepsi's New Bottles?

I think by now, you all know my on going battle between Coke and Pepsi... It seems the world feels the same way, since sales of Pepsi have dropped around four percent in the last year loosing ground to Coca Cola in the marketplace. Hoping to regain popularity in the market, Pepsi, for the first time in 17 years, is releasing a new bottle expected to launch this April.

I personally prefer the creative bottles designed for Coca Cola, maybe they should think of doing the same?


The new Pepsi bottle will feature a shorter label that allows customers to see more of the beverage contained inside. The company has also made a number of changes to the bottom half of the bottle. This was apparently done to make the container easier to grip. The company hopes to have the new Pepsi bottles in select stores by this April. A spokesperson explained that the redesigned containers will completely replace the older bottles by the end of the year. In addition to the new 20-ounce bottles, the design will also be applied to the company’s 16-ounce bottles. However, this size isn’t quite as popular as the larger version. The company hopes the redesigned containers and the presence of Beyonce in its ads will help give Pepsi a bit of a sales boost over the course of 2013. The singer will reportedly star in upcoming advertisements for the product.  

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