April 02, 2015

Whole Wheat and Oat, Date Maamoul

Chayeb Bakery has established itself as a reference in the world of oat and whole wheat products, creating new, innovative products season after season, of which the Tamer fingers are my favorites. Les Festives is the brand, a healthy brand, trying to bring the flavors we know into healthier products. 


This season, Chayeb have outdone themselves, creating a healthier version of the tamer maamoul that's flour free and sugar free, produced with whole wheat and oat wrapped around a fresh tamer heart. No added sugar whatsoever. The ingredients are semolina, butter, ghee, milk powder, ground mahlab, ground nutmeg, blossom water and rose water.

Those pieces, which contain half the average quantity of calories of traditional maamoul, are LBP18,000/kilo.

A dough that crumbles under the teeth like a biscuit, a fresh dough that isn’t buttery or fatty and even though no sugar is added they're enjoyable as a midday snack. The tamer is fresh, lightly sweet, smooth and different than the ones I'd already tasted this year. Don't compare them with your average Tamer maamoul, those are healthier and different for sure.


Overall, this Maamoul is indeed different and closer to a biscuit than the Maamoul flavor we know. Those are light, fresh and flaky, ready to be enjoyed on Easter and all year long.

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