November 20, 2016

Why Eat with a Clown While you Can Dine with a King

Should companies call out competitors and their products in their advertising? I would like to hear your opinion.


As I was driving down to Beirut, this advertisement by Burger King caught my attention... I am sure you've seen it too... It's hard to miss. Plastered on both sides of a building on Jaledib highway, there's no way drivers from and to Beirut could miss it... I read it out loud to myself: "Why eat with a clown while you dine with a king". I smiled and said, "That's a smart one."

Yes, this kind of adverting campaigns are popular and the war between brands like McDonald's and Burger King or Pepsi and Coca Cola are always there... Then as I drove along I started thinking... Is it good to bash a competitor brand in order to uplift your brand?

 I would like to know what you guys think...

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