February 25, 2019 Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Zaroub Lebnen: Lebanese Street Food in Adonis
Quick Eats


Welcoming: 5/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 9/10

Menu Choice: 5/5

Food Taste: 21/30

Architecture / Interior: 10/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 9/10

Value for money: 9/10

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There’s a new kid on the block, a Lebanese street food eatery, now open on Adonîs-Zouk road facing the highway. Zaroob for (Tiny little street), a common word used to describe small unnamed roads in Beirut. Or is it Zaroub inspired by the restaurant of Dubai? Classy decor, bright lights, funky colors with a Lebanese inspiration. I felt some positive vibes from the minute I walked in.


Zaroub for a tiny street, a corridor, a restaurant oozing positivity, and fresh vibes. Two shawarma skewers, a grill, a display fridge with white lights pending from the ceiling. I loved the colorful tiles, the metallic wall, the display of pickle jars and the wooden boxes covering the ceiling. Fresh and artistic, Zaroub is not your conventional “Lebanese Snack”.


With soft music playing in the background, I sat to enjoy my lunch; you can order at the cashier or be seated with waiter service. On the menu, choose from Lebanese and International choices; starters, salads, burgers, subs, platters, shawarma, sandwiches, machewe, cold and hot mezze. Pizzas were not available today or removed from the menu.

Yummy hummus, good quality, creamy, lightly acidic and balanced. I asked for shawarma to be added on top and recommend to add this plate on the menu: shawarma with hummus makes all the difference.


Tasty Lebanese burgers: good meat, juicy filling, and tender bread. Burgers are served in a plate with a side of fries and coleslaw. The burger bun is covered with sesame and oats giving it its signature. The meat is not chewy and doesn’t have the flavor of cheap Lebanese eateries. Firm meat, tasting just meat! I loved the chicken burger, with a huge piece of chicken breast and honey mustard sauce. I enjoyed the freshness of the burger, the tomato, lettuce, and quality of that thick chicken.


A Lebanese submarine, sesame bread long bread and a load of fillings; cheese, ham, and salami the way you expect them to be but please change the pickles supplier: they’re too salty! The bread on another hand needs to be toasted more.

Sandwiches followed: meat, kabab with a load of hummus. I’ve tried several; my favorite is the halloumi and kabab with pines.

Lebanese street food on the go, it’s called Zaroub: check it out in Adonis.

Suitable For: Quick Eats





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Sunday Brunch on the Roof (Restaurant Closed)