August 11, 2015

Zouk Mikael: Nights of the Old Souk 2015

"Layali el Souk Al Ateeq" Zouk Mikael will be inaugurated on Thursday August the 20th. Zouk Mikael Municipality has created a haven of cultural activities, kids’ entertainment, Lebanese traditions, as well as and traditional arts and crafts. Come along and discover the history of the “City of Peace” (as classified by UNESCO in 1999) the magic of weaving the Nawl, talented local craftsmen, known for their handmade jewelry, carpeting, and so on, and experience the sights, smells and tastes of marzipan and sambousik, freshly cooked by local women.

Old Souk event logo

The place comes to life at 7pm; besides the alleyway wherein numerous craft shops and cafés line the old souk and includes a historical khan, amphitheater, restaurants and pubs for a fun night out.

This year, Zouk Mikael municipality has partnered with Souk el Akel which will be transforming one of Zouk's main streets into a haven for foodies.

Join us on Thursday the 20th of August for a weekend of festivities, fun and food.

Old SOuk Zouk

Perched on a hill of the littoral of Kesrouan, between Beirut and Byblos, overlooking the sea, Zouk Mikaël is a small Lebanese city of 308 hectares. Divided into two by the national motorway Beirut /Tripoli, it is bordered in the west by the Mediterranean Sea and the east by the mountains of Kesrouan. The name of the city refers to a Turkmen chief in the Mamlouk’s era. Zouk Mikaël became famous throughout the years because of its Old Souk which renown encouraged the creation of the evenings of the Old Souk, a summer event that is dedicated to the Lebanese patrimony. In 1999, UNESCO picked Zouk Mikaël as the city for Peace. Since then, the municipality is achieving some hard works because Zouk Mikaël’s renown was spread internationally. Located on 14 km away from the Mediterranean coast, the city offers a panoramic view on the Lebanese landscape. By dominating the sea and its rustic figure, Zouk Mikaël has a double identity harmonized by combining the country to the city. Culturally, the city expends many touristy sites of great importance. The museum Abou Chabké inaugurated in June 2008 and the roman amphitheatre are two main attractions for all the tourists.

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