June 24, 2012 Lebanon Middle East

2011: Best Japanese Restaurants in Lebanon


1- Le Sushi Bar, Achrafieh Lebanon has been invaded with a million sushi places that have been mushrooming on every corner of the country. I think that the meaning and real taste of proper sushi cuisine has been lost along the way. Japanese food is an art and a passionate trip through a variety of tastes, culture and combinations…That’s my opinion! This is why I love Le Sushi Bar. It is the best Sushi in town with no close competitor… Le Sushi Bar maintains the true meaning of Japanese cuisine. (Read More)

2- Osaka Sushi Restaurant & Lounge, Kantari “You eat well and feel light despite their use of a lot of Mayonnaise and variety of deep fried items.” (Read More)

3- Kampai, Downtown Beirut (Review Coming Soon)

4- YABANI, Monot One of the first Sushi concepts in Beirut, and still considered as a reference for good sushi. Hundreds of sushi places have opened, or have tried, but Yabani is still one of the best. Its reputation in delivering fine Japanese cuisine for over 10 years, paving the way for many pretenders and very few equals. (Read More)

5- Ichiban, Zalka I was one of the first Ichiban customers since I had the chance to take pictures of the complete menu couple of years ago. (Read More)

6- Downtown Kaslik, DT Beirut, So Achrafieh Well, how should I resume that huge success story in a few paragraphs? (Read More)

7- Tsunami Beirut (Review Coming Soon)

8- Salmontini Achrafieh “La Maison du Saumon” is a fresh concept serving mainly Salmon based dishes. Salmontini smokes its Salmon in-house for a fresh and monitored result clearly felt from the first bite.  I would highly recommend the Saumon Unilateral or Salmon with Ricotta Cheese and Wild Rice. (Read More)

9- Tamashi Mar Mikhael (Review Coming Soon)

10- Maki Sodeco Well lit, yet cold.  Cavernous, yet comfortable.  At first glance, the eye does not know what to make of the spacious interior, stone walled chamber of Beirut’s newest sushi house.  Yet there’s something to its ambiance, something that draws you in, like a softly whispered secret. Maki is the newest in Beirut’s long and flourishing sushi love affair, a Japanese fusion restaurant catering to high-end eaters.  With freshest quality of foods favoring special and exotic ingredients, Maki makes a real stab at bringing its customers the genuine article.  Yet, as with all successful sushi restaurants, the real key to Maki’s success is its preparation. (Read More)  

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