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2013: Restaurants and Cafes I Totally Enjoy Every Now and Then

Some places are just special. Going to them every once in a while put a smile on my face, be it an original local concept, a simple French bistro or a delicious Italian pizzerias...  these places are a must for me every once in a while... Find below the list of places I enjoy going to every now and then. NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon Momo’s at the Souks: A Fusion Between Tradition and Modernity
I’ll have to admit  and you’re righ, it took me some time to publish a review about Momo’s but here I am with a complete one about a dinner where almost everything on the menu was tried. Faithful to his origins, restaurateur Mourad Mazouz says that he has discovered in Beirut, the perfect fusion between »more… Momos_Souk_Beirut85 Rich Colors and Flavors at Yellow Table, Dbayeh
It’s been clear for a while that the Dbayeh area has stolen the hype from other parts of the country, like Gemmayze for example. The area has become a popular dining hub boasting by a number of unique restaurants. I have tried many of them so far, yet I have taken the time to try »more… Yellow_Table_Dbayeh_Beirut_Lebanon62 Fresh Sunday Vibes at Al Mandaloun Dbayeh
Sunday or what can be considered a family day can beautifully be enjoyed at Al Mandaloun Dbayeh, where good food, joyful and pleasant ambiance, professional staff meet. And to top things off, there’s a play area for the kids who never seem to stay at the table for more than ten minutes. Today, accompanied with »more… Al_Mandaloun_Dbayeh_Lunch_Sunday35 The Social Restaurant: Socialize While Eating Tasty and Creative Food
A new urban and lifestyle  hotel, Smallville, has opened its doors in Badaro and with it comes a whole new meaning to socializing over food, drinks, coffee… An interesting concept within the hotel called The Social, which expands from a bar, the lobby area where cakes and coffees can be enjoyed, a sit-in restaurant secluded »more… The_Social_Restaurant_Smallville_Hotel_Badaro_Beirut31 Sunday Brunch at St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie
An escape from Beirut’s dreary restaurant grind, St. Elmo’s serves elevated pub grub in a retro-urban seaside setting. Named after the patron saint of sailors, St. Elmo’s is packed with crowd pleasing New England fare like the Boston clam chowder, the Nova Scotia lobster roll, the classic Fish & Chips, the rich and gooey mac-and-cheese »more… St_Elmos_Seaside_Brasserie_Zaitunay_Bay_Beirut78 Cappuccino: Antelias’ Finest Cafe
Finally a dream come true! A shisha-free classy cafe on the Antelias restaurants strip? Am I seeing right…? And the best part is that it’s not just any cafe, but a decent one that’s unique and handled by a professional management, where customers can enjoy good tasty food and coffee, served by a well trained »more… Cappuccino_Arguile_Antelias04 Al Mayass: Authentic and Tasty Armenian Creations
If you want to try some delicious Armenian food served in a nice restaurant in Lebanon, the choices are limited and include: Al Mayass, Mayrig, Batchig, Onno, Varouj among a few others. I went for Al Mayass this time. Nested in the heart of Achrafieh, on the way up from Tabaris is Al Mayass, this »more… Mayass_Armenian_Restaurant_Beirut61
Why go for the renowned brands when the newest ones have lots of hidden wonders you can discover? Kerim’s is one of the newest restaurants to open in a mall without having a known past or other branches that can support it. Many of you would definitely sit at Casper&Gambini’s, Lina’s or even Roadster and prefer not »more… Kerim_Restaurant_ABC_Dbayeh19

 Magnolia Urban Cafe: Live, Love, Laugh

There’s a hype around the fact that a lot of restaurants are closing at Le Mall, while other more prominent places are opening instead. I thought why not pay this mall a visit and see who’s closing, who’s opening… Marion, Spot and now HD&B have closed while Shtrumpf’s as well as Deek Duke made a new appearance, updating »more… Magnolia_Urban_Cafe28 Back to BlackRock… Where the Meat Speaks for Itself
I’ve already been to BlackRock twice and have not stopped talking about its premium meat since. What used to be a pub on the lower level and a restaurant on the upper one, is now more of a grill villa. Two floors welcome you for lunch and dinner serving one of Lebanon’s most tender meat. Served »more… Blackrock_Blueberry_Square_Dbayeh_NoGarlicNoOnions63 Mayrig: Celebrating 10 Years of Authentic Armenian Cuisine
Everywhere you go, you find Italian and French restaurants, pizzas parlors, burger joints, Lebanese restaurants but have you stopped to think of the richness of Armenian food? More and more, Armenian food is gaining popularity in Lebanon. I know that its always been popular, but what I mean is that more and more upscale restaurants are opening »more… Mayrig_Armenian_Food_Gemmayze_Beirut113 Batchig: A Sunday Family Gathering we all Enjoyed
The last time I tried Batchig was just a few weeks ago, and since then I have been counting the minutes to come to this place again. I have been reliving the flavours and tastes of their various dishes – as you can tell, I seriously fell in love with this restaurant. I was so »more… Batchig_Armenian_Dbayeh49 Downtown: Just One Little Detail Needs Fixing
Downtown…Just one little detail can make this restaurant perfect. Downtown is one of the oldest restaurants in Lebanon serving a wide range of international dishes. Serving generations with the same taste and culinary know how, Downtown is a a mix of beautifully blended architectural details, warm colors, professional and friendly staff who knows each of »more… Kids_Mall_Lebanon_Taking_Out_Daughter094
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