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2014: Best Armenian Restaurants in Lebanon


Badguer: An Armenian Home with a lot to Offer

I was happy to discover some new Armenian specialties not found at other renowned restaurants around the city. I enjoyed meeting the ladies behind those dishes as well as the restaurant manager, who is passionate about the project. Dinner was good. Homemade food prepared by ladies in a very basic homey kitchen. Although I have enjoyed better Armenian food maybe fine-tuned to be more accepted by the Lebanese, but one should definitely experience the culinary authenticity and ambiance this restaurant offers. 

Apo: Renowned Kebabs in Bourj Hammoud

There are a few places to enjoy real Armenian food, authentic Armenian food, and my favorite to date is Onno. However, I've always heard stories about Apo, so searching around on Google, I got a hold of a phone number, which led me to a small place hidden behind the Main Street of Bourj Hammoud. I won’t be able to give you exact directions, so calling them will get you there quicker. All I can say is that the place is located behind the Quarantina Bridge, behind the new Campomatic showroom.

Batchig: Sealed with a Kiss of Flavours and Colours

Batchig means a kiss in the Armenian language – a kiss which at this new restaurant comes with a thousand colors, flavors and aromas. Batchig by Mayrig is a new concept serving regional Levantine specialties with an Armenian twist, located in the Dbayeh area. You won’t get lost; as you go up the Antelias Bridge you will see a huge sign leading you to Batchig. I couldn’t but help stop at this big red house, which has grabbed my attention day in and day out for some time now.

Bab Sharki: A Tasty Blend of Oriental Flavors

At the corner off a street down in Sioufi is Bab Sharki, a small restaurant and grill hosting couple tables, a fridge and a BBQ. Open the door to be welcomed by the large fridge filled its a mouthwatering choice of meat skewers while you are shown to your table. Enjoy the high ceiling, warm ambiance, the posters which decorate the walls and a large LCD on one wall...

Varouj: Not Bad... But Not Great

Varouj's fame is second to none and visiting it was crucial to understanding the hype behind it. To tell you the truth, I was expecting to reach a large restaurant. After a long hour of searching, we finally found the place. It's easy: go to the Foursquare app and find it on the map or simply reach the coral station facing Achrafieh and the Beirut River and ask... everybody knows Varouj.

Onno: The Best Authentic Homey Lebanese Armenian Food

It was 2:30 PM on a Friday, I called and inquired if I could pass by for lunch. Raffi, who has been working at Onno for over 20 years, assured us we were welcome and waited for us to arrive. Here is where the experience started... Raphael believes it was the best Lebanese/Armenian he has had to date in Lebanon. Onno is a place you go to relax and enjoy some local jewels. Leave your ego home and come and enjoy the finest homemade food Lebanon has ever witnessed.

Mayrig: Celebrating 10 Years of Authentic Armenian Cuisine

Everywhere you go, you find Italian and French restaurants, pizzas parlors, burger joints, Lebanese restaurants but have you stopped to think of the richness of Armenian food? More and more, Armenian food is gaining popularity in Lebanon. I know that its always been popular, but what I mean is that more and more upscale restaurants are opening serving Armenian's rich cuisine - and not just the famous spots in the Burj Hammoud area, for example.  Mayyas, Mayrig, Onno and lately Batchig are a few of names to highlight here. Armenian food is tasty and filled with passionate flavors worth trying...

Al Mayass: Authentic and Tasty Armenian Creations

If you want to try some delicious Armenian food served in a nice restaurant in Lebanon, the choices are limited and include: Al Mayass, Mayrig, Batchig, Onno, Varouj among a few others. I went for Al Mayass this time. Nested in the heart of Achrafieh, on the way up from Tabaris is Al Mayass, this Armenian restaurant has been a reference for good Armenian food since 1996.

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