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2014: Best Lebanese Restaurants in Lebanon


Babel Dbayeh: Fourth Review, Same Great Experience

Babel; the grandiose Babel. A combination of unique architecture, good food and joyful moments. Babel, located on the Dbayeh highway, is a restaurant you won't be able to miss while driving on the highway, with it's big facade and high rotating sign. I've been to Babel three times already and every time I enjoy it as if its the first time I experience it.

Al Halabi: As Good as Always

One of my favorite restaurants is Al Halabi. The place where I have been going to enjoy some tasty Lebanese food. Been there dozens of times and every time I go the same quality and taste are guaranteed without any surprises. 

Burj el Hamam: After Lunch, Came Dinner

When you say Lebanese food, a few choices come to mind. Places, I believe, have been serving real authentic Lebanese mezze for the last twenty years include Al Halabi, Mounir, Al Sultan Brahim, Mhanna and Karam, and of course let’s not forget the famous Burj El Hamam, the ambassador of Lebanese food in almost all Arab capitals.

Al Sultan: The Specialist of Charcoal-Grilled Birds

For the past few months and I don’t know why, but Al Sultan restaurant has been crossing my mind over a lot. Whenever I think of grilled birds, although Halim, the renowned specialist in Bhamdoun, usually first comes to mind… another place seems to be gaining success for its yummy grilled birds. Since I’m always thinking of the place, it was time to visit.

Liza: A Guaranteed Sense of Amazement As You Walk In

I was not sure what to expect... As I walked into Liza. Do they serve Lebanese food? Lebanese with a twist? Lebanese the way French people see it? I was not sure... Some people I know like it, others less so, so accompanied with two of my friends, I decided to give this place a try. Amazement: Was the feeling I had as I walked into this magnificent piece of art. Liza, the renowned name behind the Lebanese restaurant in Paris also has an address in Beirut up on the first floor of the Metropolitan Club in Ashrafieh.

Al Balad: The Lebanese Restaurant

Let's Burger, MBCo and now Al Balad. Three restaurants, part of the new Blueberry Square reviewed with the aim to cover them all within the next couple of weeks. Al Balad restaurant first opened in the heart of Beirut in 1999, introducing the concept of Lebanese dining in a casual atmosphere. Lebanese traditions are preserved in each of their recipes, based on the most innovative combinations of the finest ingredients. This has proved successful, and soon after, the expansions of Al Balad began in Lebanon and the Middle East. I have always been a fan of Al Balad fan up until many restaurants started mushrooming around. Trying the new places around town, made my visits to Al Balad fewer. I went back and this time to their new location to get nostalgic.

Mhanna Antelias: Serving Premium Lebanese Food

When you want to indulge in premium Lebanese food, there are a few good restaurants that come to mind. Mhanna is one of them. Preserving local traditions that transcends from one generation to another, Mhanna, as well as few others with the same beliefs, keep their names on the international map as a reference for good Lebanese fine dining cuisine.

Fouad: Authentic Lebanese Food from the Village

Fouad is a small restaurant in Nabe3 el Mghara, Hrajel located far away from the tourists and the main road. A few know it since the owner, Fouad, doesn't know anything about marketing or social media advertising to let people know about his place. It's just it! The best authentic Lebanese restaurant serving food the way our ancestors used to prepare them. No advertising is needed as the restaurant is always fully booked. At Fouad's, every plate has a story and every recipe has a passion behind it. Fouad himself welcomes you to his house's balcony decorated with old Lebanese farmers harvesting items. The minute you pass the door step, and with a smile you are welcome with a proverb depending on the mood and the season. A feeling of relaxation rushes through your body as you immediately know that the journey of enjoyment starts here!

Nasma's Awesome Lebanese Innovations

The Terrace at Beirut City Centre is truly a site to see. A number of restaurants, some of which are familiar, while others are totally new concepts to the country… and more others are opening... Nasma, relatively new, is a Lebanese restaurant where traditional food is introduced with a contemporary twist.

Soufrat Al Oumara: Scrumptious Food...

Calm and serene, in the middle of the mountains, the heart of the land of the emirs lays Deir el Oumara. The newly opened hotel has taken an old school and transformed it into a boutique hotel. A forty-minute drive from Beirut, nested in the heart of the traditional capital of the Chouf, Deir al Oumara waits for you and your loved ones to share this longstanding mountain story. Just follow the signs at the entrance of Deir al Qamar.

Al Chalouf Restaurant, Jezzine

Seated on the highest point of the famous Jezzine waterfall, 75 meters over the valley, AL-Chalouf provides a great view down to the sea. It is a restaurant like any other Lebanese restaurant in Lebanon but the difference between Al-Chalouf and others in the region is the fact that they serve very good quality. I say that because the reputation of the food in the region has not been so good in the past couple of years.

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