November 15, 2015 USA Americas

24 hours in Atlanta: A Breath of Positive Energy

My trip to Atlanta City was quick but enough to put a smile on my face. Although I didn’t have the time to travel around the city, I truly believe that I saw what should be seen… 


I was staying in the centre area filled with hotels where you’ll l find exactly what you need to visit in Atlanta. The CNN Center, the Coca-Cola world, the SkyView wheel and the aquarium as well as the Centennial Park and the Georgia Convention Centre located next to the Phillips arena. So everything is just few blocks away from one another. I recall seeing the Westin, the Marriott, two Holiday Inns and the Hilton. Book a room and spend two days around this area and trust me you’ll visit the best of Atlanta. I did…

For those of you who don’t know me yet, I have a certain weakness towards Coca-Cola. The brand’s story, its history, passion and what it stands for through its message: Happiness… It often makes me think of my life, my plans… It’s a long story and I wont’ go into the details now. Besides that, I have been collecting limited bottles of Coca Cola for years now and if you’re a fan of this site, you’ll notice that I always praise the places who offer the choice between Coke and Pepsi. In short I love the brand.


Walking into its premises I got goose bumps. I couldn’t believe that I was actually standing where this giant international brand name all happens. I was emotional… Everything around me was red, happy, and lively… It’s motivating to see it all happen. I felt I could change the world. 

I am not sure how if you would understand what I mean…it’s not just about visiting a factory – it’s a whole different world. But the positive buzz swept my every thought… I will never forget this experience and hope I bring my kids here one day… 

And of course I passed by CNN Center… It is impressive indeed… The CNN Center is the world headquarters of CNN. The main newsrooms and studios for several of CNN's news channels are located in the building.

Overall it’s amazing to see people in action… Big brands you’ve grown up with… What am saying is that try to plan a short visit to Atlanta Georgia… It’s worth it.

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