August 25, 2018

8 Beer Cocktails to Spice up Your Evening

It’s a common predicament: you have guests coming over and want to prepare drinks, but nearly every cocktail recipe you find has a host of ingredients that you simply can’t afford. Thankfully, there are lots of great cocktails you can whip up without having to spend a week’s worth of pay at the liquor store. The secret? Beer.

We can’t talk about beer cocktails without mentioning the Michelada. A staple in Mexican culture, this refreshing and flavourful beer cocktail packs a punch with ingredients like hot sauce, Worcestershire, chili, and lime. It’s equally as perfect for a day at the beach as it is for a backyard gathering.

But if spicy isn’t your thing, the ‘Brewgria’ might be. Full of orange and berry flavors that are nicely complemented by raspberry and wheat beers, it may just replace traditional Spanish sangria as your go-to drink.

Looking for something a little simpler? Give the ‘Paloma Frio’ a try. It’s a unique twist on the traditional Mexican paloma recipe, replacing pricey tequila with an affordable pale lager. And if you’re hosting a Sunday brunch, this cheaper take on the classic mimosa will surely be a hit. The ‘Birmosa’ blends a touch of mango puree with your favourite lager.

While you don’t often hear the words ‘beer’ and ‘cocktail’ together, combining a great beer with a few extra ingredients can give your drinks an affordable and exciting twist. So next time someone suggests getting together for some cocktails, be sure to bring along that case of cerveza!

Beer cocktails are simple and cheap – and you’ll definitely be making another round. Which one will you try this weekend?











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