April 07, 2017

A Night Out in 31 Countries

Across the world our culture, language, and practices can vary dramatically. There is one thing however we all have in common; we all like to eat and drink.

But how much we eat, what time we eat, and what we use to eat… where do the differences lie?

A vast majority of countries eat their dinner between 6pm-9pm. Did you know however, Saudi Arabia likes to eat as late as 11pm!

Alcohol plays a large part for many places. It may come as no surprise that Russia came out top, with spirits being their particular tipple of choice.

Finally, what utensils countries use. People like to use knives and forks, chopsticks and even their hands. South Korea however, favours metal chopsticks. The theory goes that during the Baekje Period, the royal family used silver chopsticks to detect poison in their food.

Our infographic gives you the low down on diner time around the world, what people drink and what utensils they use.


See if you can spot your own country and if the typical eating and drinking habits match your own.

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