March 31, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Abou Hassan, Karakas: An Authentic Beiruti Breakfast

I love discovering new places around Beirut city. Most places are not new to their neighborhood, but for me, they definitely are… Meet Abou Hassan in Caracas, Beirut., which has been around for 38 years making delicious foul and Hummos.


Abou Hassan is a small restaurant, a tiny little place where only a fridge fits in. A fridge displays a selection of salads and mezze facing a grill and a fresh meat display. Outisde, a terrace hosts three tables with more on the upper mezanine. Abou Hassan is more than a breakfast place, they also serve lunch and dinner around here. Lebanese food, meticulously prepared with a homey feel.

Looking for the best out there, I was led to Abou Hassan.


Reach KFC restaurant and take the Popeye restaurant road, pass the intersection where you'll find Abou Hassan to your right. You will be welcomed by the owner himself, a young man who works with passion and dedication.

I enjoyed their foul, hummus, balila, mousabbaha and eggs with tomatoes... Delicious. I love the way food is prepared around here. Everything is firm, tender and rich in ingredients and flavors. Unlike other places around, Abou Hassan manages to give you the same well-cooked authentically rich flavor, without the soggy juice.

Abou Hassan is a recommendation.

Raouche, Karakas street, +961 1 741725





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