July 17, 2015 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Abou Rabih: A Non Touristic Breakfast Place in Tripoli

Hidden inside the streets of Zahriyyeh, Tripoli is a place called Abou Rabih. Far from tourists’ eyes, Abou Rabih sells his old style preparations for the accustomed clientele.


Al Zahrieyh is a calm neighborhood in Tripoli where you need a local to show you around.

Abou Rabih sells some flavorful dishes: hummus, fava beans with tomatoes, Balila, but their killing plate is the "Tos2iyeh". 

Tos2iyeh is a layer of fried bread crushed like chips, a blend of Laban and tahina, chickpeas, fried cashew nuts in fat and more fried bread scattered on the top. Olive oil adds the final touch to this plate. It's fatteh, Abou Rabih's way.


I'll call it food porn, a delicious plate that's different from the normal fatteh. The ingredients are rich, flavors are unique, and the textures felt in each bite… Yum!  

An interesting dish to enjoy for breakfast. Mind you, you'll eat with metallic spoons and not plastic ones like most tourist shops. 


Abou Rabih is a low profile character, who lives from serving the local community. Different from Akra or Al Danoun, which every Beiruty knows, Abou Rabih is a place to try.


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