May 31, 2016 Amman Jordan Middle East

Abou Zeid Bakery: Amman's Special Bread
Morning Delights

For us Tannour bread is about a big cylindrical oven with fire lid in its heart with bread or manakish sticked on its walls to bake. Abou Zeid's Tannour is flat and works on a rotator which makes bread in 20 seconds. A unique creation offering outstanding fluffy bread.


Abou Zeid welcomes you, a cigarette in his hand getting paid and working the dough all at the same time. He was so excited when he saw the camera that he started showing his skills. They do bread, cheese or Zaatar manakish and eggs mankoushe.

The dough contains flour, water, sugar, salt and yeast. When baked it becomes thick and fluffy, juicy and lightly sweet with moist borders and a crunchy heart. I loved them! Adding Zaatar or cheese makes them even more enjoyable. A crunchy border it is on a thin dough and a generous portion of Zaatar.


Abou Zeid creates different shaped manakish. The Indian one, the Syrian, the Jordanian and many others only by changing the way bread is handled. Don't leave without trying the one with eggs.

Street food at its finest, not so clean but who cares, Abou Zeid has one of Amman's finest breads. I fell in love with his bread!

Suitable For: Morning Delights





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