February 17, 2016 Jounieh Keserwan Lebanon Middle East

Abou'l Ward: Tasty Sandwiches on Your Way to the North (Restaurant Closed)

Abou'l Ward is a small place that has opened on Jounieh highway. A small container serves Lebanese traditional food with a modern twist. A quick casual Lebanese urban grill, a combination of modernity and traditions. Colorful and red, the place attracts.


The first impression is funny as you open the window and read the tag lines in Arabic. Abou'l Ward is for everyone to feel at home, for the man who wants to invite his girlfriend to a fattoush, and the manager who wants to come for lunch. Chicken farrouj with hummus and garlic and the guys who crave grilled meat sandwiches all using our Lebanese colors.


Food is very good, flavors are neat and clear:

  • Abou'l Ward sandwich rocks: a toasted markouk bread rolled around melting halloumi, the homemade hummus mixed with shredded vegetables and pickles. A beautiful taste of tender meat, halloumi and hummus combined in a fresh crispy bread. Loved it.
  • The veal sandwich: tender bread, juicy tomatoes, hummus, shredded parsley and extremely tender veal meat. It's indeed yum. A fulfilling sandwich will all the Lebanese flavors.
  • Makanek made from a tender pain au lait bread with tomatoes and pickles. I ordered it with mayonnaise but you surely have to keep it as it is with garlic. The bread is what makes it special, the fresh veggies and the tender makanek.
  • Loved the hummus: a good consistency, lightly lemony, light tahina served in a disposable plate.


Finish it with the Nutella. Not any Nutella, the Nutella sandwich with bananas and nuts grilled on the flaming charcoal grill.

Check it out


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