November 07, 2014

Acacia Honey Dipper: Elegant and Functional

Here is a long steel spoon featuring an elegant design, perfect for spreading and pouring honey. The tip of the object is shaped as hexagonal and is inspired by the shape of honeycombs alveolus.

327 A beautiful utensil made by the Italian designer Miriam Mirri for Alessi


The “acacia” honey dipper is part of the collection of “Objets-Bijoux”. “acacia” is the result of research carried out by its designer, Miriam Mirri, into the sweet world of honey.


Her studies led her to design an object suitable for use with all of the different kinds of honey on the market. “acacia” captures and serves the honey thanks to its unusual shape, which comprises a spoon and a facetted ball. During the design stage, Miriam Mirri was inspired by the structure of the honeycomb, evident in the hexagons on the ball.



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