May 31, 2016 Amman Jordan Middle East

Al Hachem: Amman's Iconic Authentic Restaurant

Iconic as people call it around here, Al Hachem is a street food restaurant popular for the last 55 years. Nestled in the heart of downtown Amman, two buildings with a passage in the middle host the restaurant.


Fully booked all day and opening 24/7, this restaurant has become much more than a place that gathers people around food. Opening all day people have come here for help after hours, to ask for touristic advise and surely to eat traditional food.

Foul, hummus and falafel is what they do. Different shops set along the isle prepare everything related to beans. Fava beans, chickpeas, falafel and everything in between. Falafel stuffed with onions, hummus balila, msabbaha, foul using their signature sauce made of garlic, green pepper, lemon and olive oil.


Fatteh is different. French bread is mixed with tahina, hummus, chickpeas and the special mix of lemon and bell pepper with garlic. Nothing to do with our Lebanese version.

Woden tables, plastic chairs, a music playing in the background, smells of fried food and people looking happy and satisfied. They have a machine for the falafel, a corner to cut vegetables, the place for Hummus, one shop for french fries and a main box for the cashier.


Honestly, I didn't eat anything because garlic is the main ingredient and its this garlic that kills me. What I know is that the vibes are nice and the mood enjoyable; Many Egyptian chefs and members of staff work around here and they’re full of life.

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