December 01, 2015

An Explosion of Ice Cream Bricks: An Exclusive Christmas Cake by Haagen Dazs

This year's Häagen-Dazs Christmas cake designed by Italian interior designer Paola Navone. This special cake boasts a white chocolate shell forming a this years calendar on top.


This is the latest in the Haagen-Daz's ongoing series of annual designer collaborations... Designed in Häagen-Dazs's Paris flagship store,  Navone's cake features 31 ice cream-filled columns of varying heights, intended to represent the 31 days from 1 December to New Year's Eve.

There are two versions. For the dark chocolate lovers, almond and brown flocking covering are the accompaniments, while the bright red version will have you drooling over macademia nut brittle and dulce de leche.

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Christmas in a Box: "THE BOX" Special Edition


Christmas in a Box: "THE BOX" Special Edition