March 28, 2013

Antidote: Enjoy Chocolate a New Way

Feeling blue?  That's exactly how Antidote it started. Antidote is a new way of enjoying chocolate and tackling daily battles.


Ms. Red, the creator of Antidote Chocolate, went through some troubles of her own and decided to search for something that could seduce her palate, awaken her soul and wrap her in emotional bliss. She wanted the perfect antidote for all her afflictions.


Calling on all the ancient gods and goddesses of divine flavor and health, she was able to pair her imagination with raw Ecuadorian cacao to make the enriching Antidote Chocolate Line. With palate-wakening flavor pairings ranging from Almond+Fennel to Lavender+Red Salt, there is a favorite for everyone.


Each bar is made from exquisite Arriba Nacional cacao, is vegan and gluten free, making it a healthy, but luxurious option for all. Now Ms. Red is happy, and you can be too!

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