July 16, 2017

Arctic Bath: An All Year Bath and Sauna Experience

A new international attraction in Harads, Swedish Lapland is in plan for 2018. Arctic Bath will be a year round attraction, summertime free-floating and wintertime frozen on Luleriver.


Behind the project is Arctic Bath AB; Per Anders Eriksson, Kent Lindvall, Ann Kathrin Lundqvist, Robert Lundqvist & Patrik Jonsson.


The building is inspired by the timber floating era and becomes a monument, a reminder about the importance of forests for the entire country’s development. The main building is inspired by a jam of floating timber in the river.


Arctic Bath has a circular shape which creates a protected environment. The center of the bath is great for both sunbathing and winter bathing, a cold bath under the sky. The main floating building has a cold bath, hot bath, several saunas, spa treatment room, lounge, shop, bar and a restaurant. The total area is approximately 500 square meter and the 6 separate floating hotel rooms are approximately 25 square meter each. The facility can also be used for small conferences, smaller group events and private parties.


Arctic Bath expects to become a full-fledged attraction expected to open in 2018.

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