October 18, 2013

Art and Blue Label: Skylines of the World

Inspired by the skylines of the world’s most famous cities including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Singapore and Hong Kong amongst others, Diageo Global Travel’s latest work for a limited edition of the Johnnie Walker Blue Label ‘Cityscape Series’.  The unique collection was designed by Innovation Kitchen and commissioned illustrator Michael Ng. Featuring gold-etched illustrations, the bottle designs were 


“The level of craft that goes into the illustrations was key in reflecting the premium quality, spirit and exclusivity of Blue Label. Part of the challenge was working with fine details on a limited label space; we extracted only the most iconic elements of each city to be arranged in a way that captured the true essence of each city. The result is a range of delightful keepsakes which serve as a beautiful reminder of your travels.” - Lewis Owen, Design Director, Innovation Kitchen 10_10_13_JohnnieWalkerBlueLabel_1 The bespoke ‘Cityscape Collection’ is individually numbered and available in limited quantity only in the cities that inspired them.



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