April 18, 2012

Awan, Arabic for ‘The Right Moment’ - The Perfect Tea Place

Lately, I have developed a kind of passion for tea. Good tea. Today, most of the places I go serve Awan tea in a nice box that comes straight to your table with a vast variety of tea types to match all tastes... some have more caffeine than others, some are more valuable than others... I became curious to know more about tea...Whatever it is, Awan is definitely a pioneer specialty tea - the first Lebanese tea brand. It used to be Twinings everywhere but no more. I went to Awan in Acharafieh. The store hidden in a small side road welcomes you into a world of wonders, history, aroma, tastes and culture.  I was impressed. Happily so. Awan has selected around 70 teas and herbal infusions that come from countries including China, India, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Europe, and Lebanon. The variety covers a broad spectrum of tastes, types and grades, proposing a multitude of distinctly differentiated moments. I mean, you must appreciate the art of tea to understand the essence of these details... and if not, you would be intrigued to learn more. Apparently their best selling flavors are: Orange Flower Wu-Long, Mediterranean Ballade, Toot Tea, Morocco Gardens, and Secret from Tibet. What does Awan mean? Awan, a unique Arabic word for "the right moment", is a genuine brand created by tea-lovers for tea-lovers. Infused with a zest of Lebanese culture, it offers an indulgence in the world of quality tea and brings together passion and pleasure in every moment.

On their website they say: "The Awan selection is built with a constant effort to deliver quality, variety and valuable information, wishing to instill all aspects of the “tea feeling”, relaxation, revitalization, cultural discovery and an acute perception of the world around." After trying it a few times I have felt that tea feeling.

What's great about the store is that it sells all kinds of tea accessories... they call Teaware. I couldn't help but buy myself a mug, tea pot, an a few Awan assortments. I enjoyed it and will repeat the purchase again. I am proud of their work... and hope the world get's to know Awan and discover the right moment!

Read more about Awan's new location

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