May 22, 2017 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Ayyam Zaman: Delicious Lahme Beajine in Jabal Mohsen (Restaurant Closed)
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Sometimes good food is found in the most unlikely places! There's a small restaurant in Bab el Tebbaneh that sells puff pastry Lahme Beajine. Crunchy and enjoyably flaky, these Lahme Beajine are sold for LBP500 each! Yes, 500 only. Shocking when we compare the price to Beirut, where they are sold for at least LBP3,000.


Ayyam Zaman is a small place made of old stones. It is not easy to find, especially since it is sometimes closed because the baker doesn't have anyone to help him.

Come meet Khodor Khodor, a passionate man, a baker who works alone and really thrives off work.

Khodor wears gloves while preparing the food. His Lahme Baajine pastry puffs are delicious. I loved the dough and the rich taste of the meat filling - well spiced and enjoyably juicy ground meat. 

He even makes his own type of quiche: mashed potato on the bottom mixed with eggs and topped with mushrooms, corn and a bit of Soujok. Unique.


Surprisingly this man really knows what he's doing. I really loved these pastry puffs and enjoyed listening to Khodor's stories and jokes. I suggest you venture into this area to support a deserving man in need of being better known.

Contact Khodor on +96176125123

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