March 02, 2015

Baskinta: The Natural Fortress of Metn at the Foot of Mount Sannine

Baskinta is a Lebanese village situated at an altitude ranging from 1250 meters above sea level at its lowest point, to 1800 metres at Qanat Bakish. Baskinta is renowned for its natural beauty and moderate climate. Baskinta is also known for the variety of its fruit especially apples and vineyards.The residents are Christians: 70% Maronites and 30% Greek Orthodox.

Ahead of Faraya, and at the foot of Mount Sannine lies Baskinta. This traditional summer resort boasts a magnificent view of surrounding mountains. From Beirut head north toward Antelias, about a 12 km drive before you turn east to drive uphill towards Bikfaya, passing through Bteghrine towards Baskinta. From Baskinta it is possible to climb to the 2,628 meters summit of Mount Sannine, starting off at Nabaa Sannine, a village 7 km up the mountain.

Visit Baskinta, you will be amazed.


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