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Best Burgers in Lebanon: 30 Creations You Must Try

I love burgers, to the extent that I don’t mind eating these little pieces of heaven every day. Mind you, not all burgers are worth talking about and not all burgers are made properly. It is not as simple as one would imagine. A good burger requires passion and a lot of know how to achieve the perfect patty, bun and fillings. Burgers were one of the things that boomed this year. Although this good old meal has been around a very long time, it seems that the burger concept has gone through a revolution.

A great deal of restaurants have included a special burger dish on their menu. Each one is served differently, adding a whole new dimension to the way we enjoy our burgers – a satisfying sight first, then comes the taste…

Check out the finest burgers I enjoyed in town, some of which are a bit over-priced but well worth the try…

You have to close your eyes and enjoy each bite, or it’ll all just be too much. The sensations are so strong that a mysterious explosion happens around your brain, activating all your senses…. Combinations of flavors, well balanced and tasty, enter your mouth to caress each and every taste bud. A thin, fluffy bun holds a juicy ground beef that has a wonderful texture, and some cheddar cheese, tomato, American pickles, ketchup and mayonnaise. The simplicity is what makes this burger so special. A big burger that fulfills your eyes and activates all your senses even before touching it; Ten distinct layers of colors fill this round piece of art with the freshest ingredients, some of which are imported from the US, while others are freshly produced in-house on a daily basis.


The burger comes in a circular white plate covered with CBJ-branded absorbent paper that helps to decorate the box and absorbs the oil from the fries at the same time. A beautiful and perfectly round piece of bread decorated with many exotic colors. Yellow, green, red, brown and caramel activate all your senses. Classic Burger Joint has the best bun in Lebanon and by far; it is spongier than others, bigger, has a better consistency and is covered with oats and sesame seeds making it unique of its kind. Inside, the many different ingredients are layered one on top of the other in a classy and beautiful setup. A thin slice of crunchy fresh iceberg lettuce, thick sweet pickles add an American touch and taste to the mix. Thin tomato slices lay on the lettuce. The upper bun is covered with the CBJ signature deli sauce, or any variety you order. At the bottom is a thin piece of 130g meat wearing a yellow cheese robe. The Classic Burger Joint is surely the burger for all ages.


LVD is super hot on choice. You can choose between a Black Angus or Wagyu burger and can satisfy your appetite with a 4 oz, 6 oz or 8 oz burger. These delicious, mouthwatering and exquisite burgers are a perfect combination of juicy meat with a thin layer of cheese embraced by a soft bun. And that’s it! No need for an added condiments, no ketchup, no mustard, no mayonnaise, nothing that will spoil the aromas and taste of the unique meat. A perfect mix of American flair.


At Crepaway, the meat is excellent. Premium Angus beef which gives off a special flavor within a tender bun along tasty sauce and fresh vegetables. The Famous Spiel Mozzarella: The legendary all-star burger! A Spiel burger using Black Angus beef with a thick chunk of deep-fried mozzarella for extra measure. The finest meat of all in the simplest bread bun. You feel and taste real bread without any kind of add-on like sesame seeds. It’s a pure authentic, simple piece of bread, nothing like that found at the supermarkets. Imagine a thick piece of breaded Mozzarella on a juicy premium piece of angus beef meat. Crepaway serves one of my favorite diner-burger meat in Lebanon.


Inside a soft and tender brioche bun that melts under your teeth like butter and with slightly crispy edges, are stuffed a couple of homemade dill pickles, each adding this subtle sweetness we like and then there’s the tasty layer of melting cheese. The best part, the signature, the talk of town, is surely the ground beef, a thick patty of premium pure Angus beef without too many spices or bread crumbs, grilled to perfection, bringing forward the authentic flavor of intense, rich meat. Gourmet meat, carefully crafted to perfection, a juicy finish without any unneeded sauce or seasoning. Not only that, an interesting salty aftertaste finishes the experience in style.


Juicy, fresh, tasty, perfectly cooked and marinated to perfection in its tender soft bun accompanied with crunchy fresh fries. A beef patty topped with grilled halloumi, fresh mushrooms, rocket leaves, mayo and DD’s cheese mix. This is a tasty yet simple burger filled with premium ingredients and rich fillings. Remember, Deek Duke uses a signature square bun and it works. Try the press burger which is a breaded cheese mix, lettuce, tomato, pickles and Cocktail sauce. A thick juicy piece of mixed cheese that explodes under your teeth.


Grilled to perfection, Chili’s burgers are those rich and heavy American ones, served with a generous portion of fries and coleslaw on the side. A large burger filled with a chunk of grilled meat, fresh vegetables, ketchup and mustard inside a special yellow bun covered with sesame seeds. Grab it in two hands, press it between your fingers and indulge into some real heavy and fatty pleasure.


Finally, this year Roadster Diner has upgraded is selection of burgers and introduced the Angus beef series. The finest of all is surely the barbecue: Roadster BBQBacon’in - sesame golden bun, grilled onion, colorful coleslaw, crunchy skin in fries, grilled tomato, 160g angus mixed with bacon, melted cheese cheddar. To start with, the difference between Roadster’s regular burgers and the meat used in the new burger is clear. There’s uniqueness to each burger and Roadster’s unique, mouthwatering sauces embrace the bun as well as the meat. Mixed with the meat, the bacon gives the burger a rich flavor. It’s different than the usual crunchy bacon often found in most burgers. One bite after another, a love story begins, between a food aficionado and a burger. A soft tender bun, filled with air bubbles, covered with two kinds of sesame seeds melts under your teeth, followed by the little crunch of sweet cucumber pickles, a thin green layer of lettuce, followed by a slice of tomato which adds the needed freshness and crunch to this colorful tower. A thick piece of melted cheddar cheese over the juicy ground beef looks great and tastes good.


Enjoy a burger for $5. The Captain Burger: Burger patty, burger bun, avocado, BBQ special sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato, grilled onions, iceberg lettuce, sautéed mushroom, fried egg… YES… All of this for only $5! Thick, juicy meat topped with soft and tender avocado and oil-free eggs, all combined under one tender bun. To add even more flavor and finesse to this perfect street burger come fresh mushrooms and crunchy grilled onions mixed with the special sauce that will really make you say, “Yum”. These are different, interesting textures that are more than perfect for its low price. You get a better value than any other $10 burger around the city. For lunch at work, I do recommend it, especially since it’s not fatty or oily.


Burger Bites’ might look small but they do hide magical flavors. I enjoyed each and every one of these in style and recommend you do so, too. 50g each means three would be enough for a meal… but you might not be able to resist ordering eight bites for yourself. They are addictive. The quality of the meat is good, exactly what you would expect from a burger bite. The bread is tender and easily chewable, leaving place for the inner ingredients to be appreciated. The meat is proportional to the bun and using Brie and blue cheese in a burger is a great idea. The flavors of these bites are really nice. The English breakfast burger is one of my favorites: How nice it is to see a mini egg inside a mini burger and clearly taste it. The Pineapple is not to be missed: The mozzarella layer is crispy on the sides and oil-free. Enjoyable the cherry and its sweetness… Original.


Expect to eat something rich; fatty and greasy… it’s fast food after all, so enjoy the experience as it is. The bun: Martin’s potato roll, toasted in butter. Soft and tender, they melt under your teeth like butter. Their soft texture and sweet flavor make them one of the best, a perfect bun for a burger. The meat: 113g patties made from a special blend imported from the US.  They are thick enough to retain true juiciness in their center (not just greasiness), but not big enough to overwhelm you. The seasoning is good, enjoy as is. The cheese: American, melting and mild. The toppings: Green leaf lettuce, sliced Roma tomatoes. The Sauces: Thousand Island-style Shack Sauce, ketchup, mustard and the mayonnaise, which has a slight mustardy kick with relatively little sweetness.


The latest of diners to open around town, Captain Davis offers a fine selection of tasty American burgers with a hint of finesse. The meat is good… very good: Adequately fatty, they don’t slide or squeak under your teeth, perfectly cooked with no red traces and very juicy, 150g of rich beef, thin and enjoyable. The bun, produced by the famous Prunelle, melts under your teeth. The sauces are mastered to perfection, each filled with tons of passion and dedication. The El Sombrero Burger (Beef patty, grilled onions, grilled jalapeños, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, iceberg, guacamole) was my favorite if I may say. Blending together guacamole with jalapeños and thin-sliced vegetables makes of this burger a guaranteed trip to Mexico in every bite. With its strong spices this burger is not for the faint at heart. I personally loved it and recommend it to all.


US Prime Beef Burger: Prime and good, now you can enjoy one of the finest burgers in town in a five star hotel. A simple unpretentious burger, where a thick and juicy piece of meat is layered on three homemade fries and topped with cheese and a poached egg. Close the bun to hear the egg explode around the red juicy premium meat. It’s time to bite into this superb creation, which combines a homemade feel with a touch of fine dining. Don’t forget to order the special truffle and Parmesan fries to end the experience in style.


A thick piece of Australian beef, well cooked, brownish from the outside and red from the inside, filled with passion and love. A burger that is fatty indeed – not an everyday meal – but containing the right quantity of fat to melt under your teeth, activating all your taste buds. Enjoy it without sauce, without ketchup, without mustard. The meat’s juice is enough to soften the bun and make your every bite unique. The caramelized onion dip is great. It’s not a burger you can compare with others in town. BRGR.Co serves fine pieces of art with a ticket to the land down under. Many don’t like it, because many don’t understand it. It is not a burger like any other you can grab on your lunch break, but a fine culinary creation to savor once a month. 

The 4OZ, NoGarlicNoOnions style: That’s the finest of all and I recommend you try it.  Ask for your 4OZ with some add-ons. Sweet relish, the Brgr.co sauce, thinly sliced tomatoes, lettuce and pickles. Now all you have to do is close your eyes and prepare yourself for the thunderstorm.


A burger filled with sweet pickles, thinly cut onions, a slice of super thick tomato, a fine meat that’s nicely grilled and topped with cheddar cheese. I couldn't believe the change. Many improve but no one can make a 180° change. Last visit's burger was inedible... This one was good. All ingredients were just perfect and the meat is one of those fine ones that few diners use. Bravo! Even the coleslaw is enjoyable.


Frosty serves one single burger and what a burger it is. A 170g ground beef patty, charcoal-grilled to medium and topped with cheese, served on a toasted bun with iceberg lettuce. What a burger! An awesome, juicy creation filled with extraordinary textures. Juicy meat with a pleasant salty aftertaste. A soft bun, slightly crispy on the button from the butter batter, adequately seasoned with sauce and hosting meat like no other in town, fresh, fat- and oil-free and well cooked, a delightful piece of art. In every bite you’ll feel a mix of soft bun, a layer of crunchy bacon, a cocktail of Swiss and cheddar cheese, caramelized onions and that taste of BBQ’ed meat create wonderful sensations. A light, thin leaf of lettuce, American sweet pickles, a very thin and enjoyable tomato slice… all with a final light crunch of the lower toasted bread. Just imagine! A dream-like sensation.


All the burgers looked appetizing, but we chose the cheeseburger: The hollowed-out bread gives room for the other ingredients to be enjoyed. The first bite was bizarre, the second more enjoyable, until I started remembering what a real homemade burger tastes like. It’s a correct and simple burger with no sophistication. Adequate juiciness and an adequate quantity of fat and premium ingredients. I loved the meat, loved the bread, which is special, and enjoyed the freshness of the vegetables. It is not one of those burgers that make up a Top 10 list, but even better; a simple and tasty burger you’ll just enjoy without thinking. I loved its homemade feel.


Lean and Mean Burger (Juicy ground beef homemade patty, traditionally grilled and served with caramelized onions, creamy Camembert in a toasted Brioche bun, side salad, and portion of golden crunchy fries). Aren’t you all fed-up of eating thin, dry pieces of meat in the same Prunelle bread in all restaurants around the country? The change has landed in Beirut: A thick 180g juicy piece of ground beef explodes into little chunks of wonders in your mouth. The light sauce and Camembert cheese adds finesse to this extraordinary experience. Most importantly is their homemade premium fluffy high-end bun that’s adequately cooked with premium yeast, making it so light that it doesn’t mask the important ingredients of the burger. I will let you be the judge of this burger that comes with unpeeled homemade fries which taste and feel the way you would expect your mum to do them at home.


The Gathering double Burger 360g: Part of my Top 10 burgers in Lebanon, The Gathering’s burger is finger licking good. Two perfectly cooked patties exactly like I ordered them, red and tender, thick and juicy served on a delicious bun with cocktail sauce making the mix all but perfect. All I did is remove the thick piece of onion they had added (It was really thick indeed).


Burgers around here are 100% homemade and prepared fresh in front of the customer. A local organic patty mixed between lamb and cow meat only: No breadcrumbs and no eggs. Yes, just pure meat from the local market. The Brie Burger: 100% organic beef with Brie cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, relish, lettuce, apple with honey mustard, BBQ sauce and strawberry jam. Oh my gosh, what a burger! Superb!

It starts with a crunch followed by a strong balance of sweetness between the honey mustard and jam. The crunchiness of the iceberg adds a hint of love while the Brie adds a touch of gourmet to this simple street food sandwich. With all of the above, add two slices of crispy bacon -Perfection. Simply breathtaking!


Truffle Brie Burger: A strong truffle oil aroma took over the table as my burger landed in front of me. Pain de campagne bread topped with thick burger meat, Portobello mushrooms, layers of brie cheese and lettuce on top. The burger is served with truffle mayonnaise sauce on the side. This was luxury on a plate. A crunchy bun followed by juicy premium meat, a taste of the mushrooms and fresh greenery, it all blends together and the mayonnaise adds just the right amount of seasoning to make this creation a sumptuous one. I was honestly very impressed. The Brie, with its strong taste, the meat and its grilled flavor, the Portobello mushrooms, grilled to perfection and to top it all, a subtle truffle oil. Unfortunately the burger was the special of the day and isn’t normally available on the menu for you to try; I hope it will be.


Punta Del Este’s Prime Beef Burger (Prime Argentinian beef (250g), emmental cheese, crispy bacon, sundried tomatoes, red onions, BBQ sauce, mix greens and potato wedges). This Argentinean burger is unique of its kind. The meat is twice the size of the bun with interesting textures and taste. I enjoyed its juiciness, softness and flavors.


Cheeseburger LPG Served in a brioche bun, The 180g meat sits perfectly around the ingredients. The sponginess, juiciness and crunchiness of the bun by Paul Bakery hosts a thick and well cooked, meat with the ultimate juiciness inside. After feeling the crunchiness of the bacon slices a sweet aftertaste of the caramelized onions is all what you need to make this plate a gourmet one. The fries cut in small pieces are great, served with lollo rosso lettuce.


One of the best meats in town is stuffed into a big spongy sesame bun. If the bun is changed, this burger can proudly be one of the finest in town. A premium juicy meat that’s exceptional and covered with a melting layer of premium cheddar cheese. The picture talks for itself.


A “Social” Burger (Grilled prime Angus 150grs, flavored mayo, lettuce and caramelized onions in a brioche bun). Served on a wood platter, the burger gives you a wonderful first impression. Simple, clear and looking great. The platter has the burger on one side, a cup of French fries on the other, a small jar of homemade ketchup and some additional ground pepper. The burger looks nice especially that it’s served in a special mix of brioche bun with no sesame seeds; a brioche that’s light and reasonably sweet. Black Angus beef imported from Australia, grilled as is with no additives, no eggs and no bread crumbs and then lightly seasoned with Worcester sauce. The inner sauce is a mix of Cafe de Paris and mayonnaise. No cheese is added to the burger unless the client asks for it. Caramelized onions add a unique signature touch.


Gordon's "Grass-fed prime beef burger" is known to be a really good burger with an English touch, using English cheddar cheese, a fine 180g piece of meat, ripened tomatoes and pork bacon. The experience starts way before you bite into it. An oval plate lands on the table with a generous portion of fries and the burger itself. Inside the bun is a thick, juicy piece of prime beef topped with a thin slice of melted cheddar cheese. Mayonnaise and grain mustard sauce spread on both buns add a certain juiciness, making of this burger a unique and different one. I loved the crunchiness of the bacon and its saltiness as well as the slight crunchiness of the bun covered with butter and grilled afterwards.


That's a good old classic... On a round plate comes a bun, thick and looking fresh filled with a 200g meat that's proportional compared to the bun, a slice of tomato and another of grilled onion. All you have to do is add ketchup, some mustard and enjoy. I personally remove the onion keeping in hand a soft creation. A melting fluffy bun filled with a premium slice of melting cheese, a warm tomato that melts like butter before feeling the meat, a one of kind fresh meat that crumbles under the teeth. A burger that has a homey feel without any pretension. Everything is good in here, the airy bun and its subtle grilling lines, the fresh meat, the homemade coleslaw and the crispy fries. That's a burger I like and recommend.


Julia’s burger is one that should be tried… If you’re looking for something above an average burger then this Julia’s is a good choice. Grilled onions, melted cheese, soft bun and thick juicy meat is the high-end version of the average burger we know, accompanied with a generous quantity of crunchy brown fries.


Allow me to introduce you to some fine burgers. Burgers produced with such a dedication, each offering a fine taste, high-end ingredients and an exquisite finish. The meat is simply perfect, better enjoyed medium or medium rare. Please do not order it well done. Prunelle's famous buns melt under your teeth like butter. The cheddar, a fine cheese, not like the commercial ones out there. Onions, caramelized with love. Not only that, but you can add Foie Gras, grilled to melting point, juicy sausages, full of taste or American onion rings. The best of all, if I might say, is not a beef burger, but the salmon. The Churchill is exceptional. A fresh piece of salmon is lightly grilled, juicy on the inside, and topped with lemon chunks that explode under your teeth, adding a certain finesse to the whole wheat burger. Enjoyment in a burger, premium flavors light in calories, the perfect combination.


Understanding that Smoking Bun is a street food concept, I found their burger close to perfect in its category. A bun, crafted by Prunelle is unique of its kind. A certain fluffiness and richness makes the buns melt under your teeth majestically holding the inner ingredients. The meat is just awesome; just meat, ground beef which crumble under your teeth without squeaking or leaving an unpleasant aftertaste. You won’t feel any add-ons, any sauces, or any breadcrumbs… The patty is really great. As you bite into it, you’ll feel the salt and pepper as a welcome note ending the experience with a light subtle sweetness the pickles add to the experience. My suggestion, enjoy it MEDIUM and feel its red heart. 


That's the complete list for 2014... Let's wait for the TOP10 which will be published in December.





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