January 19, 2017 New York USA Americas

Black Fox Coffee Shop: A Coup de Coeur in New York City
Non-smokers friendly
Morning Delights Coffee Talk

I opened the door, looked around and said to myself: "I love this place". Black Fox is different. A wide space of black and grey minimal lines, wood and marble tables, an open kitchen and a high communal table. Playing in the background is one of the best music selections I have heard in any cafe anywhere around the world. In brief, it's a soothing space.


Located inside the 70 Pine historical building down at the Financial District is a special coffee shop.

Black Fox is a coffee shop with attitude, you'll find a corner for relaxing in style, a place for breakfast and coffee or for an all day bite. Glazed concrete floors, an industrial look for the ceiling, a wall for displaying coffee, a water jug, an open kitchen, an open and spacious bar and a buffet of food to appease morning cravings. Dimmed lights, positive vibes, freshness in the air... I was feeling good.

Three girls chit-chatting and laughing, a man reading the newspaper, a couple eating calmly, a teenager on his phone, while four employees handle the kitchen.

Delicious coffee! American coffee served in a small glass pot with a porcelain mug on the side. Aromatic and flavorful, the coffee feels light and strong at the same time, not bitter and not acidic, it has much more than coffee to it, a certain style, a certain finesse and an after note of forest freshness.

On the menu you can choose one of several options. Eggs, bagels, salads, smoked salmon, bacon, a breakfast bowl, an antioxidant smoothie or one of their sandwiches.



  • Croissant: bready, lacks butter, lacks flakiness, lacks freshness. It would be better if lightly heated to give it a crunch.
  • The bagel: a little salmon, too many tomatoes and unpleasant crunchy onions with cream cheese. The bagel itself could have been better. A crunchy outer, a dry not-as-chewy-as-it-should-be bagel.
  • The Black Fox B.E.C is the sandwich you want to order (smoked bacon, Vermont cheddar, chili relish, Sullivan street dopio). A unique kind of thin bread with big bubbles throughout, a spicy kick, moist and juicy scrambled eggs, bacon, and a finish of sweetness while the spiciness caresses your lips for a good few minutes afterwards.
  • A soft chocolate biscuit crumbles under your teeth while chocolate flavors explode with style.


I finished breakfast but couldn't leave; the music was so good that I "Shazamed" all the songs for download. Now I can enjoy their music back home. 

Probably not the greatest food, but I fell in love with the place. I'll surely be passing by again this week during my stay in the area.


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