June 07, 2015 London UK Europe

Bleecker St.: The Award Winner Black Pudding Burger

They're known, known to be the best, and I noticed that at the Old Spitalfields' Street Feast Bleecker St. was one of the few burger joints with a line of customers waiting to be served.


Part of the Old Spitalfields permanent market, a one door shop, or more of an open kitchen, sells burgers. A choice of six burgers, of which the black pudding is the most famous. Aromas and wonderful scents are all over the place and it seems that people just love how things go over there. 

The burger is presented in a carton box. Open it to discover a sandwich cut in half. The bun, two slices of meat and in the middle a layer of a black - that's the black pudding. 


The burger is good, very good even. Juicy and tender, everything inside melts smoothly under your teeth, with all the fat making things even tastier. A juicy patty, a tender bun and the heart of it, the black pudding which makes a tasty burger feel great. 


Double American melted cheese, sauce, a double patty of pure beef aged 45 days and the heart of black gold, the black pudding, which is made of pig's blood and oatmeal. It's prepared without it's skin, so nothing chews unpleasantly. A delicacy indeed.


Of all the burgers I've had today, this is my favorite. Also, Bleecker St. just won the world's best burger awarded by FoodieHub.Tv


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