February 13, 2013 Mumbai India

Breakfast at the Taj Lands End Hotel, Mumbai
Morning Delights

Everything at the Taj Ends Hotel is unique and breathtaking from the welcoming to the staff and finally the breakfast. Every single detail is handled so majestically. At breakfast, you have a wide choice of local and international dishes cooked and presented in a mouthwatering way.
Everything is unique but I can't say the same after tasting the local food. I was not impressed...
The buffet menu:
  • The Indian section
  • The cold cuts section
  • The diet section (whole grain bread, cheese, cereals and jam)
  • Hummus, baked yogurt and light cheese
  • Yogurt, orange juice and fruit milk shakes
  • Bacon, sausages and eggs
  • Cereals, yogurt and milk (with six different kinds of cereals)
  • The fruit stand (strawberry, raisins, pineapple, melon, banana, apples, watermelon...)
  • The pastry stand
  • The bread station (eight different kinds of Danish delights, muffins and donuts)
The missing:
  • French bread
  • A decent selection of cheese
  • I would have loved to eat some cookies
What I loved:
  • The tables look great
  • The additional bar far inside, near the balcony for guests not to walk to the main buffet
  • The black boards informing you about the food served
  • The presentation of cheese on wood plates
  • The iron red marmites serving the hot preparations and deposited on electrical heaters
  • The rich Indian section
  • Their rich individually brewed American coffee with its rich foam
The food experience that I didn't like:
  • The donuts are not soft
  • The muffins are too spongy
  • The juice is not too fresh
  • The cold milk is not cold enough
  • The cheap selection of four cheeses served on plates half empty
The breakfast was not memorable. A sense of disappointment I didn't want to feel in this unique luxury hotel.
Suitable For: Morning Delights





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