March 08, 2018 Egypt Middle East

Cairo International Airport, Terminal 2
Non-smokers friendly

After long years of waiting, Cairo’s Terminal 2 is now open. If you had the chance to discover Cairo’s Terminal 1 you’ll understand how great this news is! Very old and dirty with a tiny lounge area and a mediocre duty-free, it was time to demolish the previous terminal; I’m not sure it can even be renovated.


Terminal 2 has a food court with only Mc.Donald’s to serve you, another food area on the lower level with Burger King and an Italian concept, Costa and Starbucks among other concepts. A wide shopping area and a lounge which is, unfortunately, worse than the previous one.


Anyway, a better and more appealing terminal can welcome tourists visiting the famous pharaonic country. Check out the photos so you know what to expect on your next visit.

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