July 13, 2014

Chef Alain Ducasse Brings Rivea to London

Legendary French chef Alain Ducasse has extended the Rivea restaurant name (his other one is at Hôtel Byblos in St Tropez) to London, at the Bulgari Hotel & Residences chef-alain-ducasse-brings-rivea-to-london_3 Inspired by the vibrant food markets in Italy and Provence, the Mediterranean restaurant serves a mixture of French and Italian cuisine in a chic, convivial and relaxed setting. Referencing the Riviera, the restaurant is set in a light, airy but glamorous ambiance, with a white and sea-blue colour theme and staffs shod in canvas trainers, chinos and cardigans. chef-alain-ducasse-brings-rivea-to-london_4 In the kitchen will be Ducasse's protégé Damien Leroux who has worked for Ducasse for 10 years in both Provence and Monaco. "I am delighted to bring Rivea to such a vibrant culinary scene as London," the Godfather of French cuisine enthused. "The restaurant will encompass the essence of my cuisine, interpreted by my passionate young Chef Damien and inspired by the many artisan producers we have met in the Riviera." Full article and images.
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