November 26, 2013 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Chef Pasqualino Barbasso's Pizza Acrobatic Show at Caffe Mondo

Two times Pizza Acrobatics World Champion Chef Pasqualino Barbasso returns to Lebanon for the fourth time to entertain crowds with his gravity defying pizza maneuvers.

This weekend, I had the chance to meet Chef Pasqualino, spending some interesting time around the furnaces. Besides getting a taste of authentic, delectable pizzas made true to Italian traditions from Chef Pasqualino’s hometown in Sicily, I also got to watch him perform right before my eyes. I was stunned by the showcase of his legendary acrobatic pizza-spinning skills. Definitely something you do not get to see everyday. Chef Pasqualino will be spending the week in Lebanon entertaining guests, especially this Sunday (December 1) for the grand finale brunch at Caffe Mondo. Chef_Pasqualino_Barbasso_Acrobatic_Show_Caffe_Mondo_Lebanon16 The Sunday Brunch at Caffe Mondo, Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel - Soup: “Zupavesa” Italian soup recipes with Seafood and Tomato - Appetizers:
  • Prosciutto sliced with Melon (Pork ham)
  • Carpaccio beef, water melon carpaccio and goat cheese
  • Chicken and sun dried tomato bruschetta
  • Vittelo tonato –roasted beef with tuna fish sauce
  • Crab stick
  • Prawns Cocktail in Glasses
- Salads:
  • Antipasto salad with zucchini and green olive
  • Summer faro salad
  • Warm caste Franco with biscotto and blue di buffalo
  • Fennel and red onion salad with Parmesan
  • Green bean and blood orange salad
  • Crunchy vegetable salad with ricotta crostini
  • Mozzarella with summer squash and olives
  • Eggplant cantata
  • Lemony chickpea salad
  • Spinach, pear and feta salad
  • Tortellini salad with mushroom and grilled bell peppers
  • 12. Dressing’s 5 type 13. Olive oil
- Hot Dishes:
  • Beef Lasagna
  • Grilled Italian chicken with mushroom ,olive and mozzarella cheese
  • Grilled white fish with cherry tomato and basil
  • Duck with onions and olives and lemon
  • Pork rip oven roasted
  • Vegetarian cannelloni with spinach
- Live Stations:
  • Sushi and sashimi, maki and Japanese appetizers
  • Italian risotto with assorted garnishes and cheese
  • Italian cheese and bread make big bread display 4.Assorted pizza (Margarita ,vegetarian ,pepperoni ,chicken
  • Whole turkey with vegetable and stuffing
  • From the back kitchen fried calamari ring’s on pass around
- Sweets:
  • Cannoli Sicilian
  • Venetine cake
  • Tiramisu
  • Sfogliatelle
  • Baba al rum
  • La cream al caramels
  • Torte di mile
  • Panna cotta
  • Crostata di frutta (fruit and custard tart )
  • Torta della nonna (custard pie with pine nuts and almonds ) 11.Cantuccini (almonds biscuits )
  • Italian cheese cake
  • Torta di carote (carrot cake )
Chef_Pasqualino_Barbasso_Acrobatic_Show_Caffe_Mondo_Lebanon12  See you there
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