April 23, 2016 Lebanon Middle East

Chloe Comati's Pots of Sunshine: The Almond Butter!

I prepared the pots, got myself a plate, a couple of spoons and laid back to taste what these jars have to offer. They are called "Pot of Sunshine" filled with such dedication and love, goodness radiates from them.

They look good; fresh in color, no preservatives added and the packaging seems serious and appealing. Chloe sent me the jars for a tasting and I'm happy she did so. They are vegan, homemade and natural with no preservatives.

I loved the recommendation part on the jar. Each jar has the ingredients and how to use them. They cost between LBP12,000 and LBP20,000.



  • Almond Butter: Simply raw almonds in a pot. We are used to peanut butter but the Pot of Sunshine has created an almond butter spread. An enjoyable texture of almonds with a sandy feel sticks On your palate enjoyably before melting smoothly around your tongue. I imagine it in a sandwich with jam elevating its purity to another level.
  • The peanut butter: Amazing! It's not like any peanut butter spread I had before, beautifully textured, the mashed peanuts are mixed with coconut sugar adding a light sweetness in the background. Loved the texture, the taste and flavor, the peanut concentration, the sandy feel and the light sweetness to end.
  • Almond chocolate spread: Raw almonds, organic cocoa powder, organic coconut sugar, coconut oil and Himalayan salt. Strong, very strong! A nice texture and surely premium ingredients, a spread without any palm oil or synthetic ingredients, but an end flavor of carob molasses I personally found disturbing especially if I want to prepare sandwiches for the kids.
  • Chocolate frosting: Butter, organic cocoa powder, organic coconut, sugar, vanilla, homemade almond milk. It's not a chocolate spread, but more of a chocolate frosting. Add it to your cake, cupcakes or cookies, a rich and intense taste of cocoa and a mix of sweetness, vanilla and coconut. Eat healthy, get this spread despite the molasses end-note; remember it's not Nutella!


I was so happy about those jars that we chose them for our Box in March.

What I'd change:

  • The jars containing garlic have a very strong smell that honesty doesn't reflect their content. My wife cooked them at home and she tells me the flavor is smooth compared to the smell.
  • A carob molasses taste appears some places where it shouldn't be.
  • Jars should be filled to the top, seeing the last empty centimeter is not too pleasant.

I do recommend those jars which I'm happily using at home. You can call Chloe on +961-70-711665 for your orders.


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