September 11, 2015

ChocoMoz: The Natural Real Chocolate Spread

Chocomoz is proudly a local creation, a jar filled with a natural chocolate spread flavored with bananas.


Spotted at Souk el Tayeb, this jar has a dark brown color and a yellow tag where the ingredients are written. Classy, the jar invites you to dig in. Open it, hear the popping sound, and smell the chocolate. 

Inside is a tender spread, a spread of real melted chocolate chips cooked with bananas. It is not hazelnut spread and it doesn't contain palm oil. Bananas are cooked to melting point and mixed with chocolate chips before being flavored with some vanilla. Sugar adds taste and flavor.


I loved the texture and taste with the intense banana aromas. It is chocolate, or a version of it, without the gooeyness of other so-called chocolate spreads.

Perfect for breakfast and surely good for your kids at any time, this tasty discovery is proudly Lebanese and indeed recommended. 

You can call Chaker Bou Abdallah on +961-3-778 676 for your orders or join them at Souk el Tayeb.


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