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Classic Burger Joint: Burgers Grilling at Zaitunay Bay
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Welcoming: 4/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 8/10

Menu Choice: 4/5

Food Taste: 26/30

Architecture / Interior: 7/10

Food presentation: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Value for money: Soon

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The more I visit The Classic Burger Joint the more I feel I want to come back again to enjoy their signature burgers. Simple yet tasty, the Classic Burger Joint has become a reference in town, providing unique and simple non-sophisticated burgers at a reasonable price.

At Classic Burger Joint, expect to eat a real burger. This is what they do best:  Burgers.

The menu is divided into several distinctive sections: Burgers, add extras, desserts, beverages, hot beverages, starters, side salads, our lights, our specials.

The place: A tiny little place with a green leather sofa, old English style wooden tables inside, the bar and an open kitchen. Yellow metallic chairs and black wooden tables outside. Jalapeños, HP, BBQ sauce, French's mustard, mayonnaise and coffee jars displayed over the kitchen wall give the place a unique feel - its part of their signature interior layout. If you are a big group, sit on the long rectangular table outside with its two wooden benches. I think the owners pray every minute that it doesn't rain to be able to receive their guests decently. Inside fits maximum 12 guests, maybe a bit more if they squeeze in some more chairs.

Choose between one of their signature burgers: 

  • Classic
  • Classic Cheese
  • Swiss 'n Mushroom
  • Classic Mozzarella Burger
  • Classic Chicken Mozzarella
  • BBQ Bacon
  • The Mexican
  • Chicken Grilled
  • Honey Mustard Chicken
  • The Lebanese
  • The Blues Burger
  • The Original Juicy Lucy
  • The new no-meat Quinoa veggie burger for 15,000L.L

We ordered:

  • The Lebanese: Mouthwatering charcoal grilled patty with ketchup, pickles, lettuce, coleslaw, tomato and fries, served with side coleslaw and fries
  • Blues Burger: The classic patty with unforgettable blue cheese spread, lettuce, pickles and tomato

Classic Burger Joint is not a fast-food chain but a professional restaurant serving gourmet classic burgers, prepared with love. The Lebanese burger is great. Even better than the one's your mum prepares at home on the days you came back hungry from school. It is a homemade style burger like any other burger prepared all around the 'snacks' sandwich restaurants in Lebanon but ten times tastier and ten times better. The juicy meat, the fresh thin slices of tomatoes, the green lettuce leaf, the five crunchy fries sticks, the coleslaw salad all covered by the soft bun are extraordinarily good.

It doesn't require a PhD degree to produce a good burger... Some passion is enough...

Lucy, our professional funny waiter made everything possible for us to enjoy our time. He offered the Mexican dip to try and an additional portion of the mozzarella Jalapeños dip. How come his name is Lucy and the joint proposes a juicy Lucy burger? Any relation? The freshly cut potatoes are mixed with some spices and fried with their skin giving them a crunchy taste and bronzed color. We also ordered the homemade mozzarella bites with cocktail sauce mixed with little cut Jalapeños. They are not oily and crunchy. We also tasted the Mexican hot mix that has a mayonnaise prominent taste covering on the other ingredients.

The food: I loved the patty and overall taste of the burger, the fries are good especially with their seasoning but surely not the coleslaw: Warm and over filled with mayonnaise. I would add less mayonnaise, more lemon, and add a sweet taste to it like they do it at Frosty Palace. Even its color is too white -mayonnaise is too prominent- covering the orange color of the carrots. The blue cheese burger is a success, even tough we were charged for the additional dip ordered. Come on! We were charged $1 for a dip? Would that $1 cover your monthly rent? I think people would appreciate it more if extras are offered generously. Like coffee shops adding LL500 for some milk requested with the coffee: I think that's a bit too much. These little details really make a difference to a customer. Classic burger joint is still one of my favorite burger places, surely my dad's and the older generation as well. A clean and clear plate, with a generous portion of fries, a tasty mouthwatering burger with no sophistication all with a Diet Pepsi. It will satisfy all your cravings.

Please, Please, Please: give us the choice of having Coca-Cola and not only Pepsi. Another thing, what happened to the returnable glass bottles that you used to serve with a straw. It was one of your signature points. Another small detail I would like to point out is the joint's cleanliness and organization. Papers, files, boxes, money, trash, empty Pepsi cans, sticky tables and open cupboards do not fit your reputation. The place looks dirty - I know it's not the case but please pay more attention!





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