August 19, 2013

Coca Cola Life: Healthier and Eco-friendlier Option

In a few months time, you will be spotting the new Coca-Cola bottle. Instead of the signature red label, the drink will boats a has green-label packaging giving that touch of nature. The aim is to offer a healthier and eco-friendlier option to consumers. 1 The new cola, ‘Coca-Cola Life’ is said to be an all-natural, low-calorie soda packaged in a fully-recyclable plant-based bottle, which also consists of 30% recycled natural materials, and is considered to be lighter in weight than regular PET plastic. Launched in Argentina, the new product is made with a mixture of sugar and stevia-based substitute, and contains two times less the calories than regular Coke. What do you think of Coca-Cola’s new drink and branding for it?
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