July 28, 2016

Coca Cola Puts the Ice in Ice Cold

Freeze! There’s a new drinking vessel in town. Coca Cola’s Ice Bottle is taking on the summer sun and making sure you can ‘chill’ on the beach.  The true definition of summer is – sea, sun and sand. Add a sub-zero coke in there and you’re set. Egypt  has it all ready for you as they kick off their new summer season.

The limited edition ice bottles are rolling out onto the North Coast of Egypt and where thirsty beachgoers can keep a cool head with a freezing-cold coke…literally!

Taking glass out of the equation these bottles are made entirely from ice! As the packaging melts away so does your thirst, all except for a snap bracelet-esque label. Now that sounds ice, ice baby! Limited time only.

First launched in Columbia in 2013, Coca Cola Ice Bottle was rolled out over one weekend with only 1000 bottles available. Now in Sahel, Egypt, this campaign was recently and will continue until  September 2016.  Up to 7000 bottles will be available every weekend. Factories are located in Marassi, Hacienda and Hacienda Bay on the North Coast of Egypt. 

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