February 27, 2015 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Crepaway: Beirut City Centre on a Sunday-Is it Kids Friendly?
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +961 9 637638

Address: Sahel Alma, Jounieh Highway, Keserwan, Lebanon

Website: http://www.crepaway.com

Price Range: 15-30 $


Welcoming: 3/5

Food Temperature: 8/10

Ambiance / Music: 7/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 27/30

Architecture / Interior: 8/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 5/10

Value for money: 8/10

Every Sunday a new challenge arises: "Where can we take the kids to eat and have fun? A place that's safe for children and the food served is decent so both parents and kids can enjoy their day.


My kids often ask to go to a mall. I chose the Beirut City Centre. I always tend to choose this mall for its fresh feel, high ceiling, two terraces and endless choice of restaurants. Not only that, but they have a kids area where they can spend hours without getting bored. Last Sunday, we chose to have lunch at Crepaway facing the terrace, keeping us close to the little ones. 

My first impression:

  • I like the outside tables at Crepaway, they make you feel like you're sitting outdoors, but actually you're in the mall.
  • Crepaway doesn't offer color packs to kids.
  • The placemats can't be turned over and used to draw on. 
  • Not a kids-friendly restaurant.

Now for the food:

  • That day the food was impressively good, actually very good. We started with some nachos, which were fresh and crunchy without the commercial feel, as if they were prepared in-house a la minute. They are topped with melted cheese, diced tomatoes and jalapeños. I believe the photo speaks for itself.
  • We next ordered a meat plate. The meat was impressively good. A tender juicy meat that's not bloody, perfectly cooked, grilled to perfection, soft inside. I've had meat of a similar quality at specialized restaurants around town. With that, we had the grilled potatoes, which I adored.
  • The French fries are as good as you'd expect them to be. 
  • My wife had the club sandwich, which she loved. Tender chicken that doesn't smell, soft bread and juicy ingredients. She insisted that her club sandwich was very good.
  • The fried shrimps did not smell or taste of oil. I liked them.


The food was really good and I honestly didn't expect it to be that enjoyable. I would definitely work on improving the service though.

The service:

  • Service lacks some maturity.
  • One waiter takes the order while another brings it to the table asking and shouting around which plate is for who. Super unprofessional.
  • I felt a lack of finesse and please, excuse me, but maybe the manager should have an inspection of the staff's dirty nails!
  • We're not at a fashion show guys, Crepaway is a restaurant. Dress accordingly, walk accordingly.
  • I was praying all the time not to find a hair in my plate. Could the girls tidy up their hair, please?
  • Why do the guys wear a hat and not the girls? Everyone should.
  • Chewing gum!?

I have been here before and I loved the decor, design and food. Today was a big test, a busy Sunday visiting with my kids.

For kids:

  • Print a seperate kids menu; even though kids can't read, they do like to choose their food but this huge book isn't easy to grab.
  • Offer balloons and gifts.
  • Make the placemats' back drawable.


But knowing how kids are, they kept insisting that they wanted some coloring kits, like those offered by other restaurants in town... Dear management, think of it, at least for the BCC branch, make it kids friendly.





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