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Crepes D'Or: A Juicy and Hearty Crepe in Paris
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On Rue du Four is a shop painted gold and called Crepe D'or.  An old man prepares crepes one after the other and has been working here for the last seven years.


Cheese, an egg, a thick slice of ham and mushrooms before slipping a piece of butter under the crepe. Rolled around in a triangular way, it's ready to be toasted for a couple of seconds. 

Melting cheese, a thick full bodied slice of ham, canned mushrooms and an egg adding juiciness and fluffiness. A thin, fluffy crepe full of joy is balanced on all fronts, that street food crepe where you smile a bite at a time. 


It's about every detail because each counts. Butter is added twice for a better color and more crispness, the egg is scrambled on the crepe as well as the pan to create a juicy border and salt is added for a fine note.

Paris is surely the capital of crepes, especially in the streets around St.Germain. 27 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris, France

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