January 28, 2016 London UK Europe

CrossTown Donuts: It's About a Beautiful Place

It's a beautiful place indeed. Simple and small, this cozy place sells donuts. It's called Crosstown and has a certain ‘funky’ way of presenting their donuts.


A black space with lots of wood, paintings, a counter and donuts displayed in wooden boxes.

"It's a doughnut in a world full of cupcakes"; an awesome tag line. There is also a box counting Instagram followers…


The choices are interesting from lemon to lime, pistachio and chocolate, spiced apple, lotus and much more. They look great but I can't say the same about the taste. They are a bit more chewy than normal and donuts are stale, they feel like French bread left in a nylon bag for long. They lack flavor and freshness.

I enjoyed the concept but donuts are not good. 

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