June 20, 2013

Da Giovanni, My Favorite italian Restaurant has (Closed Restaurant)

Da Giovanni which I reviewed several times, has closed its doors at the beginning of the month for some renovations taking place in their location in Saifi. The place is expected to reopen in september following some major uplifting of its interior.


In 2011, I wrote on Trip Advisor:

This is my second review about Da Giovanni because i love this place. Did you wonder which is the best italian restaurant in Beirut? Did you ever wanted to live the same culinary experience Italy can provide? Don't search for long, Da Giovanni has it all.


Situated in the downtown area of Beirut, Da Giovanni is an authentic high end italian tratoria. Everything is prepared to perfection. We had the Linguini aux Homards, Risotto, thon mi cuit, salde artichaux, and three desserts. Check out the pictures i have uploaded and you'll understand how mouthwatering they are. One thing i would wish to change: Waiters do not speak english and french to the standard of Da Giovanni, not to say very bad.


Meanwhile, if you're a fan of Giovanni's cuisine, choose any Margherita restaurant and go indulge in some fine Italian creations. I would personally suggest the original Gemmayze branch

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