May 31, 2013

Dark Chocolate Sablés Gourmets

5793 pictures of food on Instagram and I'm still far from discovering the most minuscule food wonders in Lebanon and beyond. It's a long journey and I am enjoying every bit of it... behind every picture is a story of passion and culinary wonders that I've experienced in Lebanon and abroad... Today and after eating a whole box,  it's time to shed like on my favorite "love bites" from Sables Gourmet - Dark Chocolate Sables.


Last week, after posting many pictures of sumptuous desserts, someone asked me who I thought makes the best "sablés au chocolat" in Lebanon. Yes sablés... Although small in size they have a magical effect on your palate - of course when done right. We all have our own little stories about sablés: They remind us of our childhood, we see them everywhere and at every special occasion like birthdays, weddings and so on.... Sablés have always been a perfectly essential sweet escape for many of us... Today I am going describe one specific kind of sable that are amazingly tasty from Sablés Gourmet. These delicate pieces of wonders, prepared in a small factory in Sinelfil, will make you close your eyes after every bite. When you start you cannot stop. I've been nibbling on them since morning and in less than an hour I devoured 15 pieces.


Sablé is a French round shortbread biscuit, originates in Caen, in the province of Lower Normandy.  According to the "letters" of the Marquise de Sévigné, the biscuit was created for the first time in Sablé-sur-Sarthe in 1670. The French word sable means "sand", perhaps relating to these soft, delicate, crumbly texture biscuits and their golden colour. Among the most well-known Sablé recipes are those of La Mère Poulard, and the biscuits of Saint-Michel and Pont-Aven. Sablés can be flavoured with almonds, lemon or orange zest.


Rhum Raisin, as the company was called in the past, started with Luna El Murr. The company, which was known by a few sweet aficionados, has been recognized for producing chocolate bonbons filled with Rhum and Raisins. What is known today as Sablés Gourmets produces the tastiest pieces of heaven like no one else does. Inside this little box is 45 pieces that will just make you smile. 45 round pieces of dark chocolate sablés that melt under your teeth like butter. Each and every piece has the same exact taste, shape and flavor like the next - same as it's always been since day one.  These sables, unlike the more commercial ones on the market, are not empty in the middle. They are complete UFO-like bites filled and coated with premium dark chocolate with a concentration between 50 to 60% and produced with love.

I always call them "The Love Bites".


Close your eyes and get transported to the lands of dreams. Feel the crunch, the softness and aromas caressing your palatal buds. A soft hint of dark chocolate melts on your tongue to give you a mix its ultimate pleasure.

Sablés Gourmets doesn't have a shop. They work and produce from their factory and sell their products in a few select places around Lebanon like:

  • Feuillantine Jounieh
  • Au Cocoon Verdun
  • Le Carpaccio Naccach
  • Flaucon Doux
  • Mum & I, Badaro
  • Le Royal, Hazmieh

... among others. Rhum_Raisin_Sables_Gourmets_Chocolate11

What's in the box:

  • A brown box which reflects the chocolate inside
  • A transparent cover reveals the fresh ingredients inside
  • Wrapped in golden ribbon
  • The box contains 45 pieces of freshly made chocolate sablés
  • A total weight of 700g
  • For a price of 45,000L.L

I get a box almost every week and indulge in these little love bites throughout the week. If you haven't tried them yet, what are you waiting for.


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