December 21, 2018 Paris France Europe

De La Cuisine et Du Pain; Thierry Marx at Beaupassage Paris
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I suggest you visit Beaupassage on a weekday and surely not around lunchtime. Pass by in the afternoon when everyone is working or going back home. Today’s choice was Thierry Marx, trying the famous chef’s desserts for the first time.


After Rue Laborde, the two-star chef is taking up residence in BEAUPASSAGE with La Boulangerie. Thierry Marx is reinstating bread at the core of French cuisine. This new location is not just another place to buy a baguette: it is a place that promotes certain beliefs, an ethical agenda. The flour is organic, each farmer and miller is carefully selected and the dough is kneaded using only artisanal methods. Incidentally, the house’s signature baguette is dubbed La Loyale. Loyalty to customers, to suppliers and to collaborators – a driving principle for Thierry Marx. Creating products that generate value beyond their price. La Boulangerie will not only be a destination for viennoiseries and other pastries, but also for street food. Influenced by his background and his many travels, Thierry Marx inaugurates a new way to eat on the go: he intends to rehabilitate the traditional Jambon Beurre sandwich and will be introducing his own invention – the Breadmaki. And if the chef has chosen to place bread at the core of his cuisine, he is also pouring all of his talent into his bread. La Boulangerie is the best reason to have a snack at any hour of the day!

The restaurant is well lit with an open kitchen inviting you to see the operations. I promised myself to come back for a meal, but today I was craving a dessert.


A chocolate tart with a crunchy bed and a dark chocolate filling. A very tender and exceptionally tasty, and balanced Tarte Tropezienne and a vanilla flanc cake. I loved them! It felt good without being pretentious, upscale but served as street food. 

I’ll be coming back for more.





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