December 05, 2015

Dominique Ansel's Version of the Rainbow Cake

Dominique Ansel, the master chef behind the famous Cronut, has reinvented the rainbow cake taken it to a new level of desert-making.


His version of the rainbow cake is more of a delicate layered French dessert, Mille-Feuille, translated to English as “one thousand sheets, layers, or leaves.” So it's called the ‘Rainbow Mille-Feuille’, or the ‘Rainbow Napoléon’. 

You will need a nicely caramelized flaky puff pastry, start by trimming the edges off, and then cut it up into smaller rectangles. While you stack the pieces up, layer them in-between with different colors of pastry cream.

The pastry cream is made with 12 egg yolks and consist of flavors like raspberry, clementine, lemon, mint, and blueberry, creating a very crispy, flavorful dessert.

Head over here for the Dominique Ansel’s recipe.

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