April 28, 2016 Korea

Dunkin Donuts Gangnam (던킨 강남 직영점): The Trendy Coffee Place
Non-smokers friendly
Coffee Talk

It's where I enjoyed my time, a few good coffees and delicious donuts.

Third day in Seoul and I was still jet lagged. Three days with 11 reviews already searching for the best markets, street food and traditional food this city has to offer. Back from the Namdarmun Market to Gangnam, I was so tired that I slept all the way. Dunkin Donuts was my choice for a coffee boost. 


I opened the door and wow! That is a beautiful space indeed. It has nothing to do with this brand in the States which has one coffee shop at every street corner. Dunkin Seoul is a trendy cafe with touches of enjoyment, a feel of New York in the heart of Asia where colors and freshness blend to satisfy coffee lovers and more.

A long rectangular space continues to the back to form an L shaped cafe. Follow the white line which guides you from the cashier, the hot corner, the pickup area and donut displays. In here you grab a tray and pick as many donuts as you like before moving to the counter for check out. 

The coffee is served in brown cups, the placemats are white with the Dunkin logo, the ready to go sandwiches are displayed in a flat open fridge and behind the long counter many TVs show the menu and live details.

What makes this place superb is the hot corner, the choices of sandwiches, the beautiful donuts, the trendy American music, the large television showing details of the items being prepared, the leather sofas and the large Dunkin Donuts neon sign.


You choose your own donuts, you deposit them on the tray, pickup your coffee and walk to the counter. Customers are given a small machine with a screen which vibrates when the order is ready.

The screen makes a huge difference! The videos shot on it are spectacular. One video for hot meals, one for donuts, another for coffee made with such professionalism and showing the little tiny details of mouthwatering food.

Now comes the taste; those donuts are fabulous! Looking great, the varieties make your mouth water. Digestive biscuit, corn flakes, chocolate ball cereal or chocolate chips are some of the choices. A super tender and fluffy dough that melts under your teeth like butter. The Boston cream is to die for!

Arriving from the Middle East to write a review about Dunkin Donuts! Yes it's worth it cause everything here is fabulous. Even the staff seeing me take a hundred photos kept their smile without even interfering.

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