July 28, 2013

Edible QR-Codes Give You Info On What You Eat

We all like to know what we're eating. How about taking things a step further with edible QR codes that you can scan and know more about what you're eating? Upscale Harney Sushi in San Diego now give a little something extra with their fresh tuna and crab rolls: edible QR codes, so if you happen to drop by his restaurant and are carrying a smartphone, you would be able to check the origins of the fish you’re consuming with but a quick scan.
Robert Ruiz, chef of two-unit Harney Sushi first prints them with water-based ink on rice wafers—the same ink used on birthday cakes—which he places as a garnish on the sushi to serve.
He said, “It’s proven in the food world in general that when your customers know about the products you’re giving them they will pay more for them and come back more often. The technology and the information’s here, so why don’t we do the right thing and make money while we’re doing it?”
When scanned the codes take users to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) FishWatch website, where they can learn about the sustainability of the seafood they are consuming.
QR-coded sushi also makes eating more interactive—could this be a way technology can enhance our dining experiences?
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