March 25, 2015

Elica: A New Approach on Hoods with a Design Touch

Elica is a world leader in the design and manufacture of range hoods for domestic use, Elica is movement and stability, expertise and curiosity, revolution and solidity. Since the start of its adventure in the 70s, the company has cultivated the principles that have distinguished it as a high qualified sector partner. Dynamism, constancy and refinement have always been the drive behind the change and the search for “New Air”, which has always guided Elica towards unexplored horizons full of possibilities.

Elica Hood Kitchen

Steam created by the cooking process can cause unpleasant wet walls and furniture.  It makes the kitchen a less pleasant place to be for both the cook and the family.  In extreme cases mould can form on decorations and kitchen units can be affected so much that doors jam and carcasses bulge as they absorb water.  Wallpaper may peel away and the joints become obvious. 

Strong smells created by the cooking can spread throughout the house; onions in the boudoir may clash with the talcum powder. Cooking oils may be vaporised when frying and this oil can be deposited in all areas around the cooker.  The décor suffers and redecorating is required sooner than should be necessary. 

With so many new properties having a combined kitchen/dining room, the need for a hood has never been greater. 

When kitchen planners design a new kitchen, they don't ask their customers "do you want a cooker hood?" they ask, "What type of hood do you want?"  They would not plan a kitchen without a fridge and they no longer plan a kitchen without a hood. 

The different hood types:

  • The Free-standing cooker hood, usually supplied with charcoal filter included.
  • The Integrated cooker hood.  These models are only used in fitted kitchens.  They are always fitted between wall units and have a door on the front, which matches the other kitchen furniture and effectively hides the appliance except when viewed from below.  Opening and closing the door switches the fan on and off at the speeds previously set and also activates the cooker hood lights to illuminate the cooking surface.
  • Built In and Canopy Hoods are fitted into the base plate of wooden or metal canopies.
  • Ceiling Mounted Hoods are feature hoods that are installed onto a ceiling, in an Island situation or above a hob that has been installed on a run of bass units against to the wall
  • Ceiling Hoods are similar to Built In hoods, only they are much bigger and need to be more powerful as they are generally installed much further away from the hob and come with a remote control unit.
  • Chimney and Island Hoods are highly visible, high tech models that are used as features within the kitchen. These hoods mainly feature halogen or fluorescent lamps and very high performance fan motor systems.  Accessories such as spice racks, utensil rails and back plates are available to enhance the appearance of these models. 
  • Classic Canopy and Cove designed to enhance range style cookers. Available in 7 colours and stainless steel.
  • Downdraft Hoods are installed into the worktop behind the hob. 


I proudly have one at home which I'm very satisfied about, that's why I'll be giving you more details about the brand's different hoods soon. Elica is available at DuplexLine Lebanon.

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