July 07, 2012

Fabrica Kreaton Restaurant in Greece
Casual Dining

This week we go to Greece and discover a new restaurant that is designed in a way to bring an actual farm to mind- the Fabrica Kreaton. Farm animals and details that are usually found in a farm, like hay, water cans, etc are found around the place while farm animals are represented by digital printings and cut outs make you feel like you're actually in a farm enjoying a simple meal.

The façade of the walls are beautifully drawn to show a distant meadow. Everywhere you turn you will see something that expresses natural life on the far.

Entering the restaurant two friendly cows welcome us in their farm and lead us to the main roofless corridor. Here the barrels from the cellar play the role of the chairs and tables, while metal tanks hanging upside down illuminate the corridor. On the right and left side of the restaurant have been constructed two separate roofed areas with big tables and long benches with a view at the meadow and the stores, where proud horses stick up from their barns and kind sheep tour us around the “farma”. What’s more at the end of the main corridor there is the imposing coop, which houses a big dining table apart from the hens and their nests.

Restaurant “farma kreaton” is located at the back yard of a two-story building at the center of Komotini in Greece, and is the direct extension of the “FABRICA KREATON” restaurant.

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Suitable For: Casual Dining





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